I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

Free Spirit

I sat under the stars... Contemplating my life... An outsider may think its perfect... To me, it has always been wrought with strife... I've never been really happy... I've never known true peace... The devil's constantly whispering in my ears...... Continue Reading →


Lera Lynn – Lately

Came across this song when I was watching True Detective 2. I would recommend the series by the way. I've seen season 1/2 and they are a treat for people who like drama/crime series. I claim no rights to... Continue Reading →


While the internet will be flooded by tributes...I don't have the words to express my sadness...people like him have touched the lives of millions though their music...and when someone kills themselves or realise two is very short...too short... Continue Reading →

Fare thee well!!

People come and go, Only a few will stay, The ones who tug at your heart strings, The ones you never want to go away.   Life has its own plans... People drift apart, They say you should not be... Continue Reading →

Melody – Part 3

For Part one - click here For Part two - click here He rubbed his eyes, he was so sleepy. Farming wasn't easy. Oh yes, the hottest jock on the block was now your average run-of-the-mill farmer. But he liked... Continue Reading →

Melody – Part 2

For Part 1 click here: 'I'm baby Jane!' My five-year old daughter looked at me defiantly. For some reason, she hated her name. I'd named her Jean...yes, I'd played around with the alphabets in my name but I liked it.... Continue Reading →

Climate Change & the Paris Agreement

Woke up this morning to read the news which I thought was going to happen anyway. The US backing out of the Paris agreement. People shouldn't be surprised - look at this image. What else do you expect a man... Continue Reading →

Things you should know/do if you are an adult

In India...a lot of people like to live with their parents. Maybe in other countries as well. I guess it is ok to live together as one big unit...but for self - development and some amount of mental peace and... Continue Reading →

Escaping from North Korea

Sharing this because people should know about this. Amongst other crimes against humanity...this is one which should not go unnoticed. Hear this young girls story about what life in that country is like. The next time you feel too sorry... Continue Reading →

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