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Escaping from North Korea

Sharing this because people should know about this. Amongst other crimes against humanity...this is one which should not go unnoticed. Hear this young girls story about what life in that country is like. The next time you feel too sorry... Continue Reading →

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Things you should know/do if you are an adult

In India...a lot of people like to live with their parents. Maybe in other countries as well. I guess it is ok to live together as one big unit...but for self - development and some amount of mental peace and... Continue Reading →


Years of Living Dangerously: Letterman

For those who are concerned about Climate Change - read this. Also - it will bring a lot of things into sight - esp. how the US isn't doing its job properly addressing climate change and encouraging solar companies to... Continue Reading →

Melody – Part 1

This is a work of fiction. She was pregnant. Three years into her marriage and expecting baby number one, she should have been happy. She was happy. Kind of. She had married Andy, an amazing man who loved her a... Continue Reading →


'You know how I know man?' Andy smirked to his friends over his third glass of beer. 'Know what?'Asked Ron, rolling his eyes. He'd heard this story before. 'Its in the eyes man - the eyes...I swear, I'm searching for... Continue Reading →

Ruminator – Part 3

Click on the links for the previous posts: Part 1 Part 2 I was at Fatboy's Cafe...with you know...a couple of Fat Boys. Too much beer I guess. I took a big sip from my pitcher and wondered how long... Continue Reading →

Ruminator – Part 2

For part one - click here. I woke up with a very, very bad headache. I cursed my self, my foolishness, the bartenders who had served me, my new friends who seemed to have nothing else in the world to... Continue Reading →

Ruminator – Part 1

Ruminator. That's what my bestie...or rather, ex - bestie called me. I liked the sound of it. It kind of rhymed with Terminator. Made me feel bad ass. I took a swig of beer from bottle number...who knew? I looked... Continue Reading →

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