A mother’s love

7th December 2010
This is an old post. =)
I opened the drawer of my desk to put my purse in it. I smiled.
There was a chocolate bar lying there for me, along with neatly folded handkerchiefs.
I shook my head, my smile growing bigger as i saw that my bed was already made for me, the heater was on and there was warm water in the bathroom. 
Now, who could do all this for me?
Mama, i love you. :) And no,i’m not talking about the Spice Girl’s song…as it cannot even come close to the love i feel for my mother.
To be frank, the best part of going home is to spend time with her…:).
Having chocolate cake for tea(lunch and dinner ;)) everyday, being pestered to drink milk and eat an egg, eating GREEN veggies (that too happily), going out for shopping and arguing over what to buy and what not to buy, watching a soppy movie starring Nicole Kidman and admiring how ‘waiflike’ she is, me giggling hysterically and her rolling her eyes whenever a love – making scene comes, gossiping about the neighbours, reading Elle and Vogue and sighing over the exorbitant  prices, imitating others and cracking up over it..i miss this!And then other things which you did like buying things for me when i know very well that you didn’t buy something for yourself…preferring to stay at home and bring me and my brother up;instead of taking on a full time job…sleeping with me when i was unwell when you could have jolly well admitted me in the hospital…i could just go on and on…
Over the years, i’ve come to understand just how much her support means to me…it means the world, in fact. Sometimes i feel we must have been together in all our past lives;for this is a bond like no other.
Its actually something which i realised when i read Dr. Brian Weiss’s book…”Many lives,many masters”. And i totally agree with it. Past life relationships ARE deeper. But that’s another point altogether.
Its your love…which has kept me strong…and motivated me to succeed and do well. Just to hear that note of joy and pride in your voice…i would do anything to hear it!
I wish i could do something to repay you for all that you’ve done for me…well you have all my love for now…and me to spoil YOU silly now that i am earning. :) :)

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