How i met some of the people that i love the most – Part 1 : SWATCAT

Life is strange. But i kind of like it that way.

Sometimes the people that you never liked much in the beginning end up being your best friends. And sometimes, when you look at someone you just KNOW that you HAVE to get to know that person!!

Does this sound familiar? (Of course it does!)

Why am i talking about this? Well,i recently had a chat with one of my closest friends, Swati. And just randomly, my brain went on a flashback mode.


The year was 2008.

We were both standing in a queue in college. Waiting for our rooms to be allotted to and with that…a room-mate (or even two, if we were unlucky). I saw her standing in the line behind me and when we came to know that we were room-mates we just gave each other alarmed looks. I don’t know what she was thinking but i was like (errrrrr….herrrrr? i dunnooooo…she looks so unfriendly……).

Swati and i are very, very different.

Where i was planned and  hyper, she created chaos BUT was super calm (go figure). Where i was super competitive, she did not believe in the rat race. Where i liked being neat and tidy, well; she wasn’t that tidy (though she improved towards the end of year one :P). To make things worse, we were in the same study group – and there i was, the hyper nerd, who wanted to ace all the tests where as she was happy just to sail through. It always amazed me that she managed to do well without studying much at all. Pure brains i think.

We used to bicker over stupid stuff like how fast the fan’s speed was to not folding clothes to not not wiping the bathroom floor. Haha! So it was no surprise when she decided not to be my room-mate in second year.

But something changed. Maybe because we were no longer arguing over stupid things, maybe because we were now in different streams and did not think about studies. Maybe because i had chilled out a bit and had started making friends and enjoying myself or maybe it was because the both of us had grown up! We ended up being neighbours in second year…and became close friends. 

I remember the first time that i had a girl-to-girl talk with her (which was basically me rambling about my bf and her nodding patiently). How things change! 

The only person that i cried for when i left my college was her.

And a year down the line, the only person that i teared up for during the alumni meet was her!

But what amazes me is that she was bawling as well. Haha – who would have thought. I thought i was the senti one but i am sure she can give me a run for my money in that arena now.

She is an amazing person with an extremely good heart. I love her and this is just my way of saying thank you – for being such a good friend, i love you!








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