If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

I know my answer.

Safety of women. I’m dead serious. As a single woman who stays with a flat-mate who is not home most of the time, i am really concerned about my safety.

The good thing is that i am staying in Mumbai, which is still safe as compared to the National Capital – New Delhi. Or is it? Mumbai has the second highest rape cases in the country, a country where over half of the rape cases go unreported. I will never, ever want to live in Delhi. I hate the place, i hate the mentality of the people there. I hate being afraid to walk alone on the road or go shopping alone. For someone who has never been there – believe me, the way some of the men look at a woman (any woman) is downright slimy, creepy and disrespectful. And oh! These are people from so-called ‘educated’ backgrounds. How are we bringing up our children? Especially our sons!

So dear leader, what in the world are you doing? Why can’t you protect us? This is turning into some sick epidemic.

I want the safety of every girl child who is born on Indian soil.Yes, i mean every. We have among the highest female infanticide rates in the world. Not a thing to be proud of.

Dear leader – how about saving those who are too small to save themselves? How about educating people, forming some sort of a plan which will actually yield results?

I doubt if 2013 will bring a change. But how about a plan which makes sure that 2023 does?






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