Believe in your beauty

DP Challenge Day 4

I am writing this for all the women who think they are not beautiful.

They either think they are too fat or too thin or too short or too tall or too dark or have too many pimples or…you get the picture right?

I was one of those girls as well. I used to look at myself in the mirror and hate what i saw. Well, it did not help that i was going through that awkward teenage phase where you have acne, you really are not into waxing your legs or shaping your eyebrows just yet, and all the boys in class are always looking at the one girl whose breasts came out before yours did.

So i was not the best looking teenage girl.

But something changed when i turned 19. I actually started looking good. And most of it, i think was self driven. I started eating right, taking care of my skin, exercising. AND the most important part of the beauty regimen was my pep-up talk to my self in the morning. “Hello Gorgeous! You are beautiful!” And i would flash myself one of my most cheerful smiles.

I guess all those months of smiling paid off.

6 years down the line i am totally comfortable with my body and the way i look. I know there must be a zillion women who are better looking than i am. But i think…or rather, i know that i am beautiful as well. And half of it is driven by the fact that i think i am a good person…and all good people are beautiful, right? (ok, ok i am seriously not showing off here – i am actually serious!)

But all the women out there should also believe that they are beautiful. 

True, all of us may not be beauty queens. But i think there is something beautiful in every woman and she should realise it, rather than dwell on her so-called shortcomings.

Peace out.


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