Thank you for breaking my heart

Thank you for breaking my heart,
I knew you would do it, from the very start;
When i looked into those eyes that made my heart flutter;
And i felt something which i could not utter.
The world was a happier place to be,
I was glowing, smiling for all to see;
People laughed, said i was a fool!
And in the end – i was – just a tool!
I think everyone needs to experience someone like you,
Someone who always seems to be too good to be true,
Or maybe it was my imagination which played tricks on me,
I was actually too blind to see;
Too enraptured to listen to my inner voice,
Which said “slow down now- he’s not a good choice”,
To read your body language, all the clues were there;
But i pretended not to care!
I’m happy now that you are just a part of my past,
Glad that the lie that we shared did not last,
Thankful that i stood up for what i felt was right;
Even though it means that i’m alone at night.
And even though i hurt, i believe,
The best thing you did for me was to leave,
And as i clean up the mess that you made of my heart,
For once i am glad that we are apart.

Day 5 – DP Challenge


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