2012, you were good to me.

What a year you have been 2012! It is the last day of this challenge AND the last day of 2012, so i think its apt to bid you farewell 2012, and usher the new year in with a smile…:)

When you started off, i was a different person. In every aspect of my life! As a professional  as a person, as a friend, as a girlfriend,as a daughter.

As a professional, my growth was amazing. From a simple data entry analyst to handling projects on my own to supervising a small team. I thank you for this!

As a person, i made more friends, met new people, mingled more, became a bit fearless, more bold and less timid, more sorted in certain aspects of my life and even more crazy in others! But i like the change. I’ve become more patient and easy-going. Learnt to let my hair down.I learnt not to take everything too seriously all the time. Which is why now when people see me angry they get surprised. Because i used to have a really short temper!

As a friend, i think i have matured a lot. Non-judgmental, 100% loyalty is what this package brings to the table! and i am proud of it. :) I’ve forged friendships which should go the distance! And i got to experience true friendship in return. The kind of friendship that one just reads about, you know?

As a girlfriend. I became more patient, understanding, loving and supportive. But i also learnt not to be a wall-flower and to stand up for how i believe i should be treated. I sometimes wonder about my choice when it comes to men, but i think the one i am with now will prove that all my choices are not wrong. :) So even though 2012, you brought me a lot of pain in this arena to the point where i thought i could not endure it anymore,that my heart would shrivel up and cease to exist; you also brought this one really amazing man into my life. Its too early to say where we are headed but i want him to be a part of my life…no matter what.

As a girl. I became a proper girly-girl! Haha….the days of the tomboy are over i guess! (Alas! But i do not weep for thee!)

As a daughter, you taught me the importance of family and forgiveness. I don’t know if i can actually forgive a certain family member for the way i was treated as a child, but somewhere down the line i learnt to let go of the pain and accept that person in  my life again. Maybe i just grew up. Who knows.

Its been a very, very hectic year but filled with loads of fun!

I don’t want 2013 to be so fast, i want some time for life to slow down…for me to think.

But thank you 2012. I am glad i survived you!

Peace out!



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