You are a WOMAN. Not a doormat.

So i guess you know where this post is headed right. I am NOT a feminist. But i am so sick and tired of how women are treated in India.

Yes. Sick and tired.

I am not going to talk about the rape case here. There has been plenty of talk, not much action (which was expected) so what else do i have to say.

Why can’t women just stop letting men walk over them. True…they are physically more strong than we are. But that’s about it! We are more tough from the inside. And that kind of resilience can’t be built by just pumping iron if you follow my drift.

No, this post is dedicated to some of the women in my life who have suffered physically and emotionally. Some of them fought back. Others suffered in silence. Some were too young or naive to protect themselves or know better.

But its high time we stopped letting others walk over us.

This is OUR time. The traditional Indian male most probably does not even know what hit him. He was pampered at home by his mother who always listened to his father, bossed over his sister, leered at pretty women walking on the street, scowled when saw his girlfriend was wearing short clothes, had views on ‘pre-marital sex’, ‘live-in relationships’, ‘women smoking’ and God knows what else. Well guess what buddy, we will do what we please. And you won’t be able to stop us forever. So it is better that you learn to deal with it.

And this is for all the women who let the men in their lives boss over them. DON’T.

Your husband/bf thinks you are too fat? Screw him! (Unless you have a health issue, but he doesn’t need to be obnoxious about it). Some chap at the disc tried to grope you? Kick him in the nuts. As many times as you wish. Report eve teasing incidents…stop being so busy with your life that you can’t stand up for yourself! Stop letting your husbands/ boyfriends make you feel small. Or talk down to you. Or treat you like you are dumb. Because you aren’t. You need to believe in yourself and learn to be independent. Stop letting your in-laws harass you. Give it back. Lodge a complaint. Learn how to defend yourself. Be smart when you are traveling alone or late at night. Since no one else will protect you, protect yourself, it is YOUR DUTY to ensure your safety, at least till things get better. It won’t happen soon though.

Stand up for other women who are getting hurt. Your mothers. Sisters. Friends. Help them to be strong. 

The women in India are to blame for this as well. I blame us. Yep, we killed our daughters. Didn’t bring up our sons with the right values. Or played favorites between siblings. Well – what do you expect will happen? You have a skewed up, totally rotten social system. So amend it. Don’t repeat the mistakes which the generations gone by have committed. A child is a child. And women these days take better care of their parents than the boys do.

I hope that before i die, this country will be a safer place for women. Where my daughter won’t have to worry about stepping out alone in the evening. Or be discriminated against. Or feel violated in anyway – by a man’s words or the way he looks at her. Never.

Women. Its about time you started believing in your power. And stood up for yourself. Because if you won’t do it now, your daughters and grand-daughters will bear the consequences of your inaction.



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