When things go wrong, this is what i do

Maybe because this year has the digits “13” in it i have been hit by a spate of bad luck.

Or maybe i am being a little dramatic.

But today was the worst day of 2013. Heh. No pun intended. :|

Ever since i headed back to office… from the 2nd of Jan onwards, things have gone awry. Been hit by s***loads of work. And trouble in the personal department as well. (Fiddle-dee-dee like Scarlett O’ Hara used to say but… :( ).

Well, i did what i always do when i am sad:


1. Call a loved one and vent. Oh yes, i was so stressed that i even managed to shed a few tears in private. Don’t want others to know that i am a crybaby, would i?

2. Drank lots of cold coffee. Well it soothes me down. Plus the coffee shop is really nice and smells heavenly.

3. Decide to indulge myself. In anything. I have decided on some retail therapy starting tomorrow morning. God help my bank balance. :(

4. Decide how to avoid being so sad. My job is really getting me down, despite repeated promises from my boss; things are not going to get better and its for my own good that i get out soon. So my way to deal with this is to make a plan to shift out before 21st May 2012. Which is my birthday.

5. Go for a walk. Yeah, it helps. Or a run (which i really did not have the energy for).

6. Look pretty. (Whaaatt…) Well it is true. I feel better about myself if i am looking good.

Well that’s all that i have done so far. I have a long day ahead, but i decided to take a bit of a break and calm down.

Would be interested in knowing what the reader (yes YOU, if you read this) would do if you are having a bad day as well!


~ Shireen


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