I love cats more than dogs

So i love animals in general!

lucky-kitten-photoI think i should have been a vet. Pity i did not like the sight of blood or operating on animals and their messy insides.

And i am among the few people who like cats more than dogs. Yes, yes i like dogs as well. But i have spent more time with cats. So i am biased.

Maybe because it is in my nature to want things that are not easily attainable. Or that is what astrology.com claims. I don’t remember the exact lines but its something like me wanting to please everyone to make them like me. How does this apply to animals? Go figure.

My parents never agreed to keep a pet. Why? Well their excuses always seemed a bit lame to me.

” Who will look after it?”

“Who will feed it/ clean the poop?”

“Who will take it out for a walk?”

Well I WOULD have if they had agreed, but they didn’t.

So imagine my delight when my dad got transferred to Secunderabad (he was in the army) and the new house had a kitten in it! It was quite a scrawny little thing but i was in love with it! And the kitten was so starved for love and food, that it decided to adopt me. I named the cat “dim-wit” and he personified the name to the T. Why? Well imagine a pet who loves getting his head stuck under the garage door. Or likes running behind cars that are reversing. Or has two girlfriends? Or loves fighting with big dogs and then climbs on trees when they fight back?

Hehehe. Dimwit was an amazing pet, i shall never forget all the happy evenings i spent playing with him.

And for those of you who don’t know this…one of the best things in life is to hold a purring cat on your lap. It beats even puppies. I swear.

Unfortunately, my dad got transferred again and refused to take Dimwit with us. I fought and shed a lot of tears but he did not budge.

So i was broken hearted till i found Ginger a couple of years down the line. My father was posted in Wellington. One of my friends told me that one of her neighbours had some kittens that she was eager to get rid of and so i promptly went to her house that evening and got back my little kitten in a cardboard box. Ginger was the cutest thing possible, a little orange ball of fur with the cutest little mew possible. My mom greeted me at our gate and looked at the box suspiciously. “What is in it?”

“Its a cat! Look!”

My mom’s forehead got those typical creases of “disapproval” which vanished when she saw Ginger.

“Ok, you can keep him but YOU have to look after him!”

I was ecstatic.

Ofcourse, Ginger was so cute that my mom and dad both fell for him like ton of bricks. Ginger was allowed special privileges such as sleeping on my bed, occasionally reading my books with me (intelligent little bugger he was) and snuggling inside my shirt pocket (damn – oh- damn was he lucky or not!! ;) ).

However, one day some wild dogs attacked Ginger outside our house out of the blue. I’d let him out so that he could pee outside when it happened. It was one of the saddest moments in my life. :( And i still miss him.

I’ve never kept cats after that. But someday, when i have a house of my own i would want a cat of my own. Not a fancy one…i like the strays more.

So keep a cat, those of you who like them.Cats are easy to keep. And clean. And you don’t need to fuss over them too much.

Plus i am a sucker for creatures that purr.



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