Religion : Lets not talk about it!

Religion is one of the main things that bonds people in India. That – and cricket and cinema.

Speak about any of the three and you are headed for trouble.

But out of all of these, it is religion that causes major tiffs. People get so touchy about it that i have started maintaining a “keep-mum” policy when it comes to this particular topic. 

Jesus! (Oh, here i swear, taking the Lord’s name, and i am going to be cursed to hell for all my future births/ reincarnations).

There have been two incidents of late which stand out in my life which shows how stubborn and close minded people can be.

The first one was when i was in college. I am a Sikh – and Sikh’s are supposed to keep long hair and not trim it. Some of us who are erm…let me put this politely…some of us who take this rule very seriously don’t even wax/thread. So imagine what the women look like. Well, to put it simply, they are hairy. Now, there was one girl in my class back when i was in college who was also a ‘serious’ follower. Which was fine. Till one day out of the blue she snapped at me.

“Why have you cut your hair?”

Me:”Er…cos i wanted to?”

“People who cut their hair are not true Sikhs.”

Me:”Aha. I don’t think the length of my hair states how religious and spiritual i am.”

Before she could say anything else i walked away, a tad pissed off. I am sure i am more god fearing than she is! I pray every night and do good deeds (seriously, i do!).


The second incident happened when my friend’s parents were asking her when she planned to get married. I was unfortunately, a witness.

“Sooo…tell us beta, do you have a boyfriend?”

My friend, “No! I don’t want to marry now!”

“Why not?”

My friend: “Because i don’t!”

“OMG, please tell us its not a Muslim!”

My friend: “What?! So if he was a Muslim you would not accept him?”

Silence followed. I kind of excused myself from the discussion by the way so i don’t know what happened.


Even when i am in office…people start talking about religion or criticize other cultures. I keep out of such discussions.

Its something personal…i don’t think anyone has a right to dictate to others what they should do/not do.

Oh and by the way…i did not talk about politics as all Indian politicians suck.

Peace out.


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