My favourite Anime : Bleach

Ok so most of my friends who are going to read this are most probably going to roll their eyes.

Because i am going to talk about Anime.Image

Disclaimer: Anime is not like cartoons. Trust me.

Anyway. There are many reasons why i love anime.

1. The storyboard of some of the series is so awesome. I mean it. What fantastic imagination the mangakas’ have.

2. All the characters are brought out so beautifully. Take any series…be it Bleach…or Naruto…or Full Metal Alchemist…or the first anime that i ever saw…Curious Play a.k.a. Fushigi Yuugi. Its just amazing. The animation is also soooo beautiful…it can almost make you sigh!

3. It appeals to a person like me who lives in an imaginary world most of the time…within my books and anime and writing and day dreaming. Ha ha!

Which brings us to Bleach.

I love Bleach because of Kurosaki Ichigo. Infact i love him so much that i have his picture on my office cubicle. (Proof attached).

Well, i know what most people must be thinking, “Why oh why is a twenty five year old watching anime?”.

Bleach is one of the most famous anime series of all times. It revolves around the main


character – Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo is a normal bloke, who is kinda cool and is always getting into trouble.

And he can kind of see spirits. One day, he bumps into Kuchiki Rukia…who is a Shinigami (soul reaper/ death god), who gets injured and transfers her soul reaper powers to him.

And then the roller coaster ride begins.

Ichigo becomes a substitute soul reaper, killing hollows (basically some bad – ass spirits) and purifying their souls so that they can go to soul society ( a place where all souls reside in the afterlife).

This is when the series kicks off. Rukia intends to transfer only a part of her powers to Ichigo but  somehow, he acquires all of them. So Rukia can’t go back to soul – society. A search team from soul society is sent to find her and she is sentenced to death for illegally transferring her powers to a mere human.

Ichigo decides to go after her – and boy oh boy – the episodes just get better and better after this. He becomes stronger and kicks some serious ass.

I won’t give away much more…but yes, it is one of the best series and if there are any anime fans who have never seen Bleach – try it! It is an amazing series!


10 thoughts on “My favourite Anime : Bleach

  1. The thing about Bleach is that it started out awesome. It is still one of the big shots aka The big three (Naruto, One Piece and Bleach) but Bleach should’ve ended after the Soul Society arc. These days it’s just long drawn fights, a million plotholes and Ichigos goes from one super saiyan mode form another and it never ends. Plus the Arcs totally suck after Soul Society in my opinion.

    Btw, who cares if you are 25 and watch anime? I am 21 and I have watched anime and read manga almost all my life. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I bet I am going to love anime/manga when I am an old grumpy grandad. who the fuck cares? This is our generation.

    Keep doing the things you love man, cheers!

    1. I think Bleach was good till the Mugetsu (double nosebleed) part.
      Infact i want to go to Japan one day and take part in a cosplay! And i would love to be Hinata. (Squeaky voice i know but i still think she is so cool and kawaii). :D Better start saving :|

  2. Trigun? Cowboy Bebop? Witch Hunter Robin? Bleach is better than those? And I’m going on 32 and still enjoy watching anime and other cartoons (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc…). Quality is quality and has no bearing on age.

    1. Haha…i don’t really care about what others say…this was directed at 2 close friends who always like pulling my leg :P

      1. Hehe i am done with the blog for now. Was replying to some mails that my friends sent. And recovering from a bad cold. And trying to see if there is any new manga on Naruto that has been released this week.

        Whatcha doing? XD

      2. Watching some football (soccer), perusing posts on the blogs I follow (and thanks for following me!), petting a little purr bucket on my lap (one of my two kitties), trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast in a few minutes… enjoying a lovely Sunday morning.

  3. Ah are you now!
    And i liked that one post…will go through your blog peacefully tomorrow. I’m home – after almost 4 months and i’m being a lazy bum! Btw i dropped you a little note on your yahoo id :).

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