How many of us have tried it?

I used to be pretty sceptical about it. But i decided to do it nevertheless. One of my close friends read this book called “the secret” (do i see you…yes you…rolling your eyes?). Well in my defence, i have not read the book.

But my friend, in an unnaturally over- enthusiastic mood persuaded me to make a vision-board. Which i did not. Due to lack of privacy in my office/at home. But i started sketching a bit. No, i am not an artist. My drawings are quite bad most of the time. But i started drawing stuff that i wanted to happen in my life.

But somewhere down the line i went wrong. I mean – a lot of things started happening to me! But not what i wanted! I mean…for instance i would sketch about the ideal kind of date that i wanted i ended up meeting a lot of new people…but didn’t find true love. 

I wanted a new job so i took some interviews…but didn’t get a job. Its like they say….so close, yet so far! 

A little disgusted by how the visualization was making my life chaotic, i decided to stop it for a bit. But then i realized  I have to keep doing it. Because eventually, i will strike gold! Eventually, things should get better!

And with this belief in mind – i force myself to think positive thoughts everyday without fail. Which is a bit of a challenge, since it takes a lot of time to clear my mind and focus on what i want.

The power of the subconscious. I hope it works.

For those of you who believe in this…i want to know what you did and how it worked out. For those of you who don’t…peace out!