Social media.

Its like a disease. Yes, i was a bit addicted to it. There have been a lot of studies on how much time people spend on facebook and how some people are spending an unhealthy amount of time on it.Which is ok…how people want to spend their time is really none of my beeznees.


No senor, it ees not!

And there are other things which are none of my business which i DO NOT want to see.

Like what, you may ask.

Lets see…like…honeymoon pictures? Listen, i am glad that you had a good honeymoon. Woo-hoo and all the jazz. But i don’t want to see you in skimpy clothes which are obviously not hiding your ten million love handles. Nor do i want to see your husband in a vest, with his hairy chest. No thanks babe, its not really turning me on you see!

And then there are some women who put up pics where all you can see is well…to put it delicately all that you can see is lots of them. Which makes me wonder. Do i really want a 1000 people (oh yes, some people have a 1000 friends apparently) to see me when i am skimpily clad? The answer is No!

Leave pictures aside, i also sometimes wonder at the status updates that people put up.

Like those after a break up. (Haha even i have put up some sentimental break up songs, so i guess i am guilty as well) but there have been people who’ve turned into amateur poets when talking about heartbreak. Or when people talk about anniversaries. And how much they love the other person. Most times, it makes me want to puke. Sometimes, this feeling of wanting to throw up makes me think that oversweet fb messages make me diabetic. Hence, i avoid them.

But then you’ll have people who will actually encourage the morons mention above to write more poems, blow more kisses to their boyfriends and husbands by liking their comments/ unappealing honeymoon pictures.

“Ooooo God bess both of you.”

“Hope you guys stay together foreverrrrr…that is soooo cuuuuteee.<3 <3 <3”

Those are two comments that i found on a friend’s honeymoon pic which was not a nice picture by any standard….imagine the worst looking couple, in the worst possible clothes…with smiles which say “i got laid, i got laid” and multiply that by ten million…that’s how horrible that photo was. And people liked it.

Why? Why do people lie, i wonder.

Which now brings me to those people who are still addicted to games. Like seriously dude. Why? What did i do to you that you sent me yet another Farmville request? And no, i don’t want to race cars or play cards or kill zombies or vanquish vampires with you. No, i say NO!!!

Did i forget to mention the “pokers”?

Oh yeah. I don’t know what to say to them. (Guess that’s pretty clear, ain’t it?).

And finally, the people who use Facebook to pick up girls. Reallyyy?!! Just the other day, i was laughing at 2 guys who apparently found my display pic very “impressive” (oh yes, i am glad you are impressed, if you could please keep that impression to yourself it would help, Mr.-i-need-to-get-a-life).

I wish someone would teach others some social etiquette. Or maybe i am just too uptight and need to loosen up. But sometimes, i wonder – why are these people even on my friends list?


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