Art at home

Art at home

I wish i was good at painting.

Unfortunately, i am not. :|

Everyone else in my family is though. Well all the women at least – my mother, both grandmothers and both of my mother’s sisters are really good at painting.

As a child (young and impressionable apparently), i wanted to be an artist when i grew up. I unfortunately did not have the temperament for it. It takes patience. Loads of it.

Which i didn’t have for sketching/holding a brush between my fingers.

Now, if i was told to write…i could do it for hours. It is something that i really enjoy. I guess that is what everyone should do – get into something that you really love.

The picture here shows two paintings – the one on the top was made by my mother when she was as old as i am now. The other one, by my aunt – which is equally old, i think.

I love both of them and decided to share them with everyone else. :)


2 thoughts on “Art at home

  1. I always wanted to be an artist too… and spent hours doodling on notebooks when I should have been paying attention in class or studying, but I didn’t spend hours perfecting the craft. I would just draw one bad picture after another hoping that one day I would magically become better. Practice makes perfect right? Well, practicing the wrong skills just embeds those techniques forever. I too didn’t have the patience to learn the proper way of drawing or to observe someting and meticulously copy it down on paper. I didn’t discover my love of writing until afer college, but much like my youthful doodles, I don’t spend much time perfecting my craft – I’m too busy jumping from one story to the next, from one post to the next… and probably just perpetuating the cycle of bad technique; but, in a way, the written word seems more forgiving for that. Or, maybe I’m just a bit more talented at writing? Or, maybe I just think I am? It’s a mystery. Your mom and aunt’s paintings are very nice, thanks for sharing!

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