My mug is MY mug :|

I am not a stingy person. Come on, i am a Punjabi and Punjabi’s are supposed to have big hearts. Right? Yes, we are big when it comes to the temper department as well.

And yes, i believe in sharing. Or rather, i was forced to since i have an elder sibling. Which meant whatever i  wanted was also coveted by him. Oh well. I guess that’s what siblings are for. Especially the older ones. Who love taking stuff away from you and act all innocent when you yell “mommmmmmmmyyyy”!!


 This brings me something of immense importance.

 My mug.

 Or rather, the mug that i have in office. When i joined i was told that we could keep our personal mugs in the office pantry and use them. Awesommme. I have this really cool yellow mug with Count Dracula (may he rest in peace) made on it. And the first thing which i do every day is to sip the awful coffee that only the ten gazliion years old coffee machine in our office can produce.

Imagine my surprise one day when i noticed this certain gentleman from my office sipping coffee from my MUG? 

 If looks could have killed he would have died many times by now. And he’s not even a cat.

 Anyhow, i went and whined to my colleagues who just smirked, brushing this off as one of my many eccentricities. All was well. Till it happened again. And again…and like ten times more.

I went and complained to the admin lady who also smirked like i was half mad. Well even if i was so WHAT? Its my mug!

The tenth time that i complained she stopped smirking and put up a poster in the office which said that the mugs were for personal use only. See? Perseverence pays off. *Gloats*

 But MR – BIG – GRUBBY – HANDS still had his hands on my yellow cup. 

 My boss told me to just go and tell him. But whenever i saw him, he was always in a god damn group. So i kept shut and hid the mug in the drawer under my desk. 

 Till yesterday morning when i saw it in his hands again.Now yesterday morning i was not in one of my chirpy moods. I had an argument with ten thousand auto drivers, god damn them all (bismillah etc etc) as none of them wanted to drive me to office. Anyhow, once i reached office i noticed that Count Dracula was looking rather miserable in his big, fat, unclean hands with untrimmed nails (oh yes, i notice all of these random things). And i went straight up to him. And re- claimed my mug.

On retrospect i think i scared him a bit.

But my mug is my mug. :|

Despicable Me : Memorable Quotes

Agnes: Will you read us a bedtime story?
Gru: No.
Agnes: Pretty please?
Gru: The physical appearance of the please makes no difference.


Agnes: He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!


I love this movie. For those of you who have not seen it…well….what’s wrong with you???!!!!!!

If you don’t fall in love with Agnes…i’ll change my name! :| (Please don’t make me do that BTW).