Baby fever


This word may invoke different feelings in different people. Most women will go from an “awww to an ewww” depending on factors like age/maternal instincts and of course, the ticking of the biological clock. Oh and then there are some who hate babies (beats me)! With most (and i repeat – most) men (unmarried) i have seen a bemused expression when it comes to kids/discussions about kids etc.

I mean it.

Just the other day a friend and i were at a shop and this little fella, all of two (or maybe a little more) ran into him, got knocked down (because my friend kind of resembles a giant) and then smiled up at him. My friend just look confused. The little boy laughed and i laughed back, and helped him up. Ever had a child hold your hand with his tiny little fingers – its a feeling that i love! I glanced at my friend.  He had half a smile on his face, but still look rather puzzled. Men! (Ok…ok i know men also like babies only they don’t shriek/exclaim/die of happiness when they see them like we ‘wimmen’ do!).

So where was i?

Ah yes. Babies are awesome, i think. Or maybe its because i am surrounded by two young mothers in office. Two of my colleagues just had babies (both of them had girls) and i’ve already been christened as the “godmother” for one of them. *Sumg look* I rock!

When my “god daughter” (Sayra) was born, i was in office. Alas! I could not make it in time :(. But i met her when she was around 15 hours old. I could barely control my excitement when my colleague (Shefali) handed her over to me.

I was cooing some gibberish like “awww…..she’s so pwetty…aww….she’s so cute when she’s sleepingg….her cheeksies are sooo pink…” (ok now i have officially embarrassed myself). Imagine my delight when the little munchkin opened her eyes? Its was an amazing feeling – looking into her black eyes and then she smiled! At me! I think i cooed even more gibberish then!

But my day was totally made.

Here is a pic of the munchkin(almost 2 months old now) who btw who looks rather annoyed that her mom has been clicking away incessantly! :D



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