Are men color blind?

‘Men are Color Blind’.


That’s what my boss proclaimed in the midst of another “gyan session” (gyan means knowledge in Hindi). My boss is a brilliant chap. So much so that i think he should be a professor since he loves to talk, he knows a lot and he loves educating people about different things.

Me: Erm…why would you say that?

Boss: Because my wife completely changed my wardrobe when we got married. Apparently  black and blue are not ‘colorful enough’.

Me: Uh yes…because they are not! Black and blue are you know…so…er…black and blueee!

Boss: (Incredulous glance) Ohhh like i didn’t know that! So now i have yellow and green and orange and pink!

Me: Hahahahaa…pink…haha…

Boss: Yes! And oh when we chose pink for her, she wanted to look at different shades of pink. Like “bougainvillea pink”, “baby pink”, “hot pink”! What in the world is hot pink?!

Me: (lightbulb!) I think she meant bright pink!

Boss: (ignoring me) And then fu…fus…some color which is purple and pink!

Me: Ah you mean Fuchsia” (with a smug look).

Boss: (almost choking with indignation) How am i supposed to know what fu…fu

Me: (helpfully) Fuchsia

Boss: Yes, how am i supposed to know THAT? I know pink. Light pink. Dark Pink. That’s it. Its YOU women who totally confuse us with your fu…your different pinks!

Me: Ah..but they are different colors – bougainvillea pink and baby pink and hot pink are so different! (Smug smile, i was thoroughly enjoying this).

Boss: Nooo! They are not! and now thanks to this i have to mix and match everything in my wardrobe because she won’t let me step out of my house if everything isn’t matching! :( I am telling you i can’t spot these differences and that’s because most men are colorblind.

Me: No, they are not!

But this made me wonder.

Wikipedia says men are more prone to it cos of the X chromosome (i’ll leave the scientific facts to the article on Wikipedia).

Ah well. Guess my boss was right as usual. Bah! :|


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