Far From Normal

In response to today’s daily prompt!

I pride myself on not being normal. Well, i know i am “normal” and not “cuckoo” but still! How nice to be able to talk about myself.



I am FFN (come on – figure that out!) because:

1. I can talk like Donald Duck. Seriously. Even sing a bit like him. Alternate career? Erm, no, i don’t think so!

2. I can also growl like a dog but my friends say it sounds more like a burp.


3.I hate wearing crushed clothes. Seriously. I have to iron everything and anything that i wear. Otherwise i cannot wear it. I am a bit OCD about that.

4. I have a fetish for men with nice necks. No, i am not related to Dracula. Is that normal? I dunno!

5. I am a narcissist when it comes to my feet. Yes, i think i have pretty feet! I can spend hours admiring them, cleaning them, applying moisturizer, playing with different nail colors – the works. But i hate other people touching them. Ew!

6. My friends think i am sometimes a batty person who likes cats way too much. Its not me, you see! They follow me everywhere and start purring. Who can resist that! -_- Meowrr!

Over and out!


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