My Neighborhood

I love my house.

Sure its small, the building is really old and well it looks like a hut compared to the palatial buildings surrounding it. (Oh well start small, grow big!). I have rented a flat in one of the better parts of Mumbai with a friend. Aaaand we love it notwithstanding the many short-comings of this cramped-up space.

My neighbors are a bit weird though. I could never befriend them because well…they don’t really want to be ‘befriended’ if you know what i mean. So i mind my own beesness and they mind theirs.

But once in a while i do bump into them. I think among the 30 flats in my building i know the following people:

1. Creepy old man who puts henna in his hair and crashes all our parties because we “smoke” too much.  The smell of the smoke pisses him off apparently. Funny thing is, we don’t smoke! I think he stays on the 4th floor – way above mine (thank  the lord). I blame floors 3 & 4 for smoking!

2. Mysteriously rich neighbors who stay right opposite our house. They have awfully good looking people walking in and out of that house which makes me think they might be in the movie industry.

3. Nice lady who always smiles at me. Her daughter is really cute and she always stares at me. I’d like to think that she stares at me because she finds me pretty (don’t roll your eyes :P), but who knows. Maybe the scene is something like this:

Sound Effect : STOMP STOMP (That’s me stomping up the stairs)

Nice Lady: (Oh its that young girl  who always smiles at me- aww) Smile!

Nice Lady’s Daughter: (Oh who is this whack-o?)

Me: (Oh here is the nice lady and her daughter who thinks i am pretty that’s why she stares at me!)

4. Moving on : Two noisy boys who are always throwing something down the stairs: Basket ball, tennis ball, football…oh god.

5. The watchmen of the building. We have two of them. The one who comes in the morning is quite sour faced. The night watchman is an old busybody who knows everything about everyone. Sometimes he falls asleep and i can hear him snoring. Which wakes me up, of course. And he has this really cranky hoarse voice. Like that of a frog with a bad throat. Am i making sense here?

6. Sad dog who is always sleeping at the entrance of the building.

7. Sadder dog who has only one eye and who is sometimes found sleeping close to the sad dog.

8. Awesome orange cat who purrs when i play with her and is apparently friendly with the sad dog since he never seems to pay her any heed.

And now i just realized i don’t know a lot of people in my building. -_- Talk about being anti – social! Well i would have tried harder but most of them are so old and they look at my roommate and I so disapprovingly that i just don’t feel like it you know?

So there you are!


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