In response to this week’s photo challenge...

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says FORWARD to you.

i found some pictures…but this is the one which i have a bit of a soft spot for!

This one is a really old one. My father’s graduation from the Indian Military Academy (He was second in the entire batch and a sword of honor)…back errr…in the 1970’s? He’s the one with the turban! At this point in his life – i wonder what he must have been thinking…did he know how the next forty odd years would be like? It was a proud moment nevertheless. 


Whenever papa looks at this photo he always gets nostalgic and we kids (well i’m always going to be a kid for him) get to hear about his days growing up – and i always see how he has always moved forward in his life despite all the hardships and obstacles he has gone through – and through it all he has always been excellent in his work and uncompromising in his ethics. :) 


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