Motivation – 1


I know i haven’t been a very good blogger these days. For one, i am down with Laryngitis or whatever it is that is sucking out the happiness out of me. Sitting on my bed, in my room… i have had loads of time of think about what my life lacks or what i lack and how i can bring it back.

At the start of the year, i had promised myself that 2013 has to be different from 2012. Well two months down, there isn’t a lot of change except that fact that i decided to blog more frequently has taken some sort of shape…still a loooong way to go though!

Now these silly anti – biotics make my head spin a little so i can’t really write good stuff so i thought of sharing this video which we saw waaay too often in B-School. Always left a bit of an impact.

The second video is even more awesome.(Will be posted as well)

I promise to be more motivated and stop doing what i don’t like and do what i like this year!

For those of us who feel a bit jaded/need that extra push – stay the course comrades! The journey is long but the fruit shall be sweet.



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