Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements.

This is one of my favorite lines from the Sunscreen Song.ImageImage

I was cleaning up my house when i found some old cards, stashed away in a drawer. Brought a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart.

Most of them are birthday/new year cards…then i opened up my suitcase, dug out some old love letters. Ah -i was hit by a bout of nostalgia.

I love writing. I think i can express my self better that way. I guess most bloggers who are a bit introverted will agree. :)

I don’t feel bad when i look at what my ex – boyfriends wrote for me…not that i have a lot of their stuff with me but i didn’t really feel like throwing all of this away. Perhaps when i meet that special person i shall. Or maybe i won’t.

Here’s a brief snippet of some of the stuff…what’s written inside one of the cards always make me sentimental..i blame it on mommy dearest. She is such a darling and all her words are always oozing with love! And then she loves putting stickers and stars and using colorful pens! Sigh.

A friend and I recently bought some beautiful hand-made paper. I look forward to writing more love – letters.

But till that happens, I am lucky to be loved so much anyway. :)