Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet? That’s today’s daily prompt for you!

Haha. I almost laughed when i read this line.

BTW my MBTI profile is INFJ. (Introverted, intuitive,feeling and judgmental)

Am i a party person? Well, 2012 made me one. But i’m pretty introverted by nature, sometimes being the center of attraction makes me really embarrassed and i can feel my ears/cheeks go red.

My boss says that he loves to see introverts drink. Since their personalities change (hmmm). I don’t know if i talk more when i drink. But i do get extremely sleepy.

Anyway back to the topic. I don’t think any party would make me “scurry” for peace and quiet unless:

  • I didn’t know anyone there (which means i would try to pretend i am invisible and leave early – don’t expect me to be the first one to make small talk)
  • I knew someone but that person was boring the socks off me (i’d vanish)
  • I was getting bored/trying to avoid talking to someone/anyone/oh what the hell am i doing here – scenario (oh wait! my phone suddenly became so interesting)
  • Super old people were invited and i was the baby-sitter
  • Super-young people were invited and i was the baby sitter
  • Young men who shriek when they laugh (such a big turn off)
  • Young women who can only talk about boys
  • Bimbos
  • Old farts who forget they are married/have daughters as old as me

OMG. I suddenly realized that i am not a very social person, am i? And the irony is that i work for a consulting firm. However, working with my boss has helped me a little in the small-talk department. My boss also has a fake laugh. Which i decided not to imitate. I think my dimpled smile should suffice. (Oh vanity, thy name is woman indeed!)

On a side note – would recommend everyone to find out what their MBTI profiles are. It will tell you a lot about yourself, things which maybe you didn’t even know!


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