I’m a Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby.

If you don’t know the name i suggest you go and pick up all the seasons of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) and watch them right now. Pronto!

Oh and don’t listen to all the comparisons with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. . . . that was another time altogether :).

So yes. I am a Ted Mosby and I am a hopeless romantic. Always in the search of that one elusive, perfect (for me) person.

So i have been burnt. Some scars have been deep, others have barely left a mark. Just a few months ago i was moaning “never again”. “Love does not exist”. “Men are dogs.”

And my wonderful friends sniggered away to glory. Perhaps they are even rolling their eyes right now as they are reading this.

Perhaps because i was too dramatic when i was groaning/moaning?

Or perhaps they know me too well. (Oh dang, there goes away the charm of being a mysterious woman).


Anyhow. I guess I am destined to be an eternal optimist. Sometimes i think i have literally ‘willed’ love to come into my life. Yes indeed. That’s why they say – be careful what you wish for.

For those of you who have not seen the series – How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has this really cute guy (oh yes he is cute and gooey and not a bad boy, he is a good guy) who does all these crazy, romantic things for the women he has been in love with.

Which got me thinking about grand gestures/sweeping someone off their feet. I have done a lot of romantic things in my life but i have never made a grand gesture. Well, who needs a grand gesture anyway, one might argue?

I don’t know, but i want to make a grand gesture someday. And that is a post which i hope to write one day. About crazy, insane stuff people do for each other.

But yes, i like being a Ted, I will always be a Ted; the universe cannot beat me out of it. No way!


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