Love them or hate them, you can’t escape from them.

Whenever i hear someone complaining about nicknames (unless they are really nasty), i tell them that it means people are fond of you. I’ve had my own share, over the past few years:

1. Mehrul: That’s what my aunt calls me. Apparently she wanted me to be called Mehrul and not Shireen. So she stuck on with that. :)

2.Sharon: That’s a name that some of my classmates gave me back in 10th standard. I still don’t know how this came about but i like this name as well. This, gave way to:

3.Sharon – brain: Yes, one of my friends used to call me this because i was a bit of a nerd. No, i am not a nerd anymore! (*Adjust glasses*)

4. Shireena: I don’t know how Shireena came into being but i like it as well. It sounds musical. People in my B- School call me by this…and even people in office ^_^

5. Shy – Reen: Another name by a crazy friend who loves creating new names for people.

6. Reen: I miss being called this…an old friend that i lost touch with used to address me by this name.

7. Sheru: Sher means lion in Hindi. My bestie in Mumbai loves calling me this…and this name has caught on like wild fire. Oh well. Rawrrr!

8. Sheru gave way to sher – singh. Since my surname is Singh. It is kind of funny though.

9. Lioness: A friend that i did my internship says i am small, but fierce like a lioness. Aw i like. Rawrrr again!

10. Sheerian: That’s what my mom calls me. :)

11. Littles: That’s what my elder brother calls me. Oh yes, he is eight years older than i am. And taller. And wiser. And has gray eyes. Which i don’t. Mommy!!!!! (Its all her fault for bestowing all the good genes on him) Grr. -_-

12. Kaddu: It means pumpkin/ dufus. That’s what my sister – in – law calls me. Oh drat!  I realised that my family has the worst nick names for me :D

There is one more nickname that is really embarrassing that i will never tell anyone. -_-

But that’s the entire list for me…i might have missed on some, can’t really recollect them at the moment.

And oh, the most important thing of all –  i don’t like everyone to call me by my nick – name. No sir! We introverts are possessive about our nick – names and who has permission to call us by what. -_-

Peace Out.


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