Mr. Blue Bull’s Magic

Disclaimer: This is written through the perspective of a younger me.


Do you believe in magic?

Well I do. Don’t roll your eyes. We all experience magic everyday. Whether it is the bright sunshine which makes every gloomy winter day bearable, or a firefly fluttering away on your hand, unaware that you are a huge monster that could swat it. Or maybe a lick on the face from your scruffy dog when you are in the worst of moods. Or even better, a kiss from your mother on your scraped knee. Lo and behold! You suddenly didn’t need a band-aid anymore!

Well, I believe in magic. And it’s not kid stuff. Oh here you go, rolling your eyes again.



I’m Sayuri and I’m nine years old.

What I’m going to tell you is a secret. So don’t tell anyone. Well not the grown – ups at least. They’ll think its one of my wild, imaginary stories.

I was going to the park to play with my friends. And of course, for Toffee and Coffee. Those are two dogs by the way that i play with everyday. But i was running a bit late. Silly homework you see!

So I decided to take the shortcut through the woods near my house. I didn’t tell mom though. She thinks the woods are unsafe. But they aren’t. Anyway, the route is safe, my friend takes it everyday.

I found the dim trail into the forest and started walking. And all of a sudden, I saw something which took my breath away.

There was a small gap in the woods, where some wild flowers were growing between a thick growth of wild, lush, green weeds. The sun was about to set, and its fading rays streamed through the branches, creating a beautiful illusion. I saw those flowers and i wanted to smell them. I love flowers, you see! But i couldn’t reach them. They were too far away, in some sort of a mud – pond. I say mud – pond because it was really muddy and slushy. -__-

So I kept on staring at them. I guess i must have gone into a bit of a trance, for a minute later; I sensed something behind me. I turned, careful not to make any noise and it was this Nilgai (Blue Bull). He was looking down at me, almost as to say ” What are you doing here? Carry on.”

He was so huge and beautiful that i was speechless. I love animals. So that’s the only reason why I guess I wasn’t scared. I yanked a weed out of the ground and held it out for him to eat. With another disdainful look, he turned his beautiful head and yanked out several weeds and started munching on them.

“Hey you…” I whispered softly, moving close to him. He munched on, obviously not interested in me.

“Heeeey…..” I took my hand and gently stroked him near his neck.

Mr. Blue Bull then snorted and looked me right in the eye. I petted him for one more minute after which he suddenly turned around and walked away.


That night, I woke up in the middle of the night. My brother was creating a bit of a racket which woke up the entire house.

“Get out you fat cow! Out i sayyyy” He yelled.

“What is it?” My dad thundered into our room.

“Dad! There was this blue bull in our garden and he was eating our flowers!” My brother stared at my dad, wide – eyed.

“Preposterous! The garden fence is ten feet long. There’s no way a blue bull can jump over that! Go to sleep!”

“But dad!”, My brother protested.

“Good night”. My dad’s tone had that stern note in it which used to scare both of us and my brother went back to bed.

I was up, wondering if it was the same blue bull.


Turns out it was him after all. He had ‘broken into’ our neighbors garden as well, a little before he had broken into ours. And he hadn’t touched any flowers except the one next to my bedroom window. I think he was trying to say hello to me.

“Unheard of”, my dad shook his head, “How did he manage to jump so high?!”

I didn’t tell any one about the fact that he just wanted to see me and that maybe some sort of magic helped him to jump over our fence.

Because none of the grown-ups take us kids seriously. But I wish I could have met Mr. Blue Bull again.


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