The J Monster

Jealousy is a bad thing.

Almost evil, in fact.

All of us have been paid a visit by this particular green-eyed monster. But how we react to it is up to us. My mother always told me not to be jealous of anyone. And thankfully, apart from one person; i have not been afflicted with the J – disease.

Oh yes. I was J of this girl in school. Because i thought the guy i fancied liked her. How very juvenile of me. But then i was a kid. I was so jealous that i totally avoided her all the time. -_- Don’t roll your eyes. Please.

I’ve seen friends get jealous of others. Sometimes that ‘other’ person has been me. And no, I kid you not. It’s not like I’ve got a lot to be jealous of.

But have you ever had a friend who’s not really thrilled when things are going well for you? Or someone who is always putting you down? Or makes you feel gloomy about the good things in your life? Well there you go. That’s the J Monster rearing its ugly head.

I’ve met this monster a couple of times. In fact, I am still on talking terms with these ‘friends’. But I don’t really care much about them now. Whether they are a part of my life or not doesn’t matter anymore.

I’d say forgive if a friend close to you does this and move on. But don’t forget. Best friends don’t get jealous. Am I being too unforgiving here? Maybe I am. But if someone’s so jealous that you feel rotten around them all the time then you really need to re-evaluate your relationship with that person.

Peace out.


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