The Love Note

Anees and Tara giggled.

“Oh my God I can’t believe that we are doing this!” Tara paced up and down the room, looking anxious.

“Relax! No one will know!” Anees grinned, her dimples making her look even more mischievous.

Tara sat down on the bed, looking nervous.

“But what are we going to write? What if he guesses it is me? What if someone else finds it? What if…”

“Nothing will happen!” Anees exclaimed impatiently.

Tara giggled again, her face going red.

“As it is, I have a fool-proof plan.”

Tara stared at Anees, who looked unusually smug.

“Oh yeah? Well what is the plan, Sherlock?”

Anees rolled her eyes.

“Well just to make sure that no one catches us I will: a) write the note in a terrible handwriting, b) write with my left hand, c) wear gloves so that we don’t get caught when they finger- print us.”

Tara looked at Anees and started laughing.

“Finger- print us? Hell yeah…”

Anees scowled. “Finnneee! Tell that to the police when they come to arrest us!”

That only made Tara laugh louder.

“Oh, the love – police?”

Anees tore a piece of paper from her notebook. “Whatever, you want to write this or not?”


They were walking in the parking lot.

“That’s his scooter!” Tara whispered.

Anees looked at the old, gray vehicle and was not impressed.

“Well we can’t go now because there are a lot of people standing there.”

Both of them stood there, waiting for the boys to move. The school bell rang. Recess was over.

“Go…go!” Anees gave Tara a little push.


“Guess what?” Tara walked up to Anees the next day, looking unusually quiet.

“What? What…whaaattttt? Did he get the note?” Anees smiled expectantly.

“Weeeelll…yes and no. Some of his friends found the note in his helmet and read it out to him in front of me during basketball practice. He thought they had written it and told them to bugger off! Thank God I didn’t sign my name!” She smiled sadly.

Anees hugged Tara. A minute later both of them started laughing.

“Damn, we are so stupid.” Tara shook her head.

Anees scowled.

“Don’t worry,” Anees had a determined look on her face. “I have another plan.”

Tara started laughing again.


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