Sanah took a deep breath and walked inside.

It was the fifteenth reunion of her high -school batch of 1998. The moment she walked in, she turned quite a few heads. Her heels went clickety – clack; attracting more attention. She felt her ears heat up, she was sure they were turning red. They always did that when she was embarrassed.
“Youuuu made it!”
Sanah felt a small, projectile – like figure hurl itself across the room towards her. Her lips split into a wide grin. It was Christine, her best friend.
“Yes, i got lucky! The project i was to be assigned to didn’t happen and here I am!”
Christine grinned.
“This is going to be just like old times!”
Sanah smiled sadly. If only that was true.
“Hey Sanah! How’s it going?”
Sanah looked into a pair of gray eyes. It was Rohan, Christine’s husband. Christine and Rohan were high – school sweethearts. They had eloped when they were in college and were the proud parents of two beautiful children.
“Hey Rohan! I’m good, how about you? Real – estate is picking up i hear.”
Rohan gave her a rueful smile. “I wish! Things have been bad, especially with two kids, you know! And Christine has her hands full with them…” He frowned ,”But lets not talk about deary stuff today. You tell me, what’s new? What’s happening? Heard you got promoted to the head of APAC – congratulations. We always knew you’d go a long way and make a name for yourself, unlike the rest of us.”
Christine giggled.” Yeah, she does look like this hot bombshell CEO – in – waiting, doesn’t she?”
Rohan ruffled Christine’s hair affectionately,”Now, you know i have eyes for only one girl here!”
Sanah saw Christine look at Rohan with absolute adoration, which he returned. She didn’t get it. How they were so madly in love even now was something she couldn’t understand. She looked away, a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps a little envious as well.
“OMG, is that a real L’ouis Vuitton bag?”
Sanah turned around. It was a familiar voice. A voice which belonged to her arch nemesis in school.
“Yes. Its nice to see you too, Priya.”
Priya smiled at Sanah.”Oh hey Sanah,i didn’t realize it was you…how’s it going? I heard you were engaged to Robert? Congratulations!”
Sanah stared at Priya and walked away.
“Priya, i can’t believe that even after all these years you haven’t changed!” Christine fumed and walked over to Sanah.
“Hey babe…are you ok?” Christine laid a hand on Sanah’s. To her dismay, Sanah had tears in her eyes.
“No, i’m not! I’m not ok. I knew i shouldn’t have come here!”
Christine frowned.”Now don’t let a loser like Priya make you feel sad. She’s obviously jealous of you. You are everything which she wanted to be. Rich, successful, famous and to top it all, beautiful.”
Sanah managed a watery smile.”Thanks, but what’s the point? What’s the point of all of this…when at the end of the day i am alone? I go home to an empty bed. I so want to be a mother. But i doubt if that will ever happen. My biological clock is ticking!”
Christine stared at Sanah.”You never talked to me about this…what’s bothering you?”
Sanah sniffed.”It’s this…this whole mess with Robert. It’s all my fault. I was too busy. Too God- damn busy with my work, my career, my ambition to give him any time! We didn’t meet for almost eight months and then i forgot our second year anniversary. He dumped me!”
Christine sighed.”Listen…the grass is always greeener on the other side. Look at Rohan and I. We barely make enough. I am a full time mother. Managing a pair of 4 year old twins is not easy, you know? We have had to make so many sacrifices. Cut back on vacations. Small things like…buying my favorite pair of shoes. Eating out. Kids are an expensive investment.”
Sanah nodded,”Yeah i know…I know….but do you regret it?”
Christine looked Sanah in the eye,”There are days when i am sad. But then i look at my babies and well in the end, i know its worth it.”
Sanah sniffed, dabbing her eyes delicately with a tissue.
Christine sighed,”Look, you have to make a choice. There are some lucky people who have it all. Other’s have to compromise. You made your choice. If you feel that your choice hasn’t brought you any happiness, rectify it NOW. It is never too late.”
Sanah nodded her head. ” Okay…i guess you are right.”
Christine took out her phone. “Here. Call Robert. He’ll pick up my call. Talk to him.” She placed it in Sanah’s hand and walked away.
Sanah took a deep breath and pressed the call button.
” Hello?”

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