Men, Men, Men, Men; Many men, men, men!


When I think about the men for whom I care about, I must confess that i think that they make friends than women? Well…there are two sides to this question but here’s why I think so:

1. They’ll be blunt and tell you the truth upfront, to your face. Many times, when I have been at my hysterical best; it has been a man who has very politely told me to shut up, stop whining and get my act together. Guess what? I did.

2. You don’t need to compete. Its sad, but true. Most women get really competitive. No matter how close you maybe, there is always an element to be better looking, more popular, more successful etc. than your “bff”. Yes, I do have a few girlfriends who are not competitive (thank the lord for that); but also a LOT who are. Guess what? I know them for what they are and I am always wary of them.

3. They can help you with other random stuff like electronics, advice on how to deal with other men, which car has the best mileage, what exactly ‘offside’ means and how to make a mean martini.

Of course, there are a few trade-offs that one needs to make. For instance, you can’t hold a slumber party and paint each other’s toes or brush each other’s hair (unless your friend is gay and very…er….feminine). Nor can you go for a shopping marathon unless you want him to grumble and bore the socks off you. And then there’s always the problem of keeping the friendship platonic. Sometimes, you never know when you get ‘too close’ for comfort.

But that’s a trade off I would willingly make.

Why am I writing about such a cliched topic? Its because I am missing one of my best friends, I wish he was here. He always manages to cheer me up when I am down, something which no one else can.

Sigh! Until the next time, cheerio!


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