Life, don’t pass me by

Life, don’t pass me by. I haven’t even smelt the roses yet.

Lost in my own world, in my own thoughts, I sometimes fail to see what amazing things one can do. I’ve come to know a lot of amazing people through this blog. Everyday, before I sleep; I read, I get inspired.

I’ve come to realize that the concept of happiness is actually based on the choices one makes. I have realized that you should not need someone else to make you happy. You should be happy by yourself. Its tough. I know. I have realized that it is futile to live in the past. Life is about change. You can’t be static. Be caught up in something that happened in the past and let everything come to a standstill.

No, we all are blessed. We don’t know if we actually do get reincarnated. We don’t know if we will ‘pass on’ to a spirit world, heaven or hell. Sure, there are a lot of theories, but we don’t really know anything, do we?

So what do we have…we have an incredible gift. Of being human. To experience and live. To love. To have children and love them. To make a mark, make the world a better place. To be anything. 

So why, why do we not move on? Why can’t we move on? Why can’t we strive to be better? Why can’t we learn from our mistakes? Why can’t we have the courage to aspire to be what we want to be? Why are we so concerned about what others think of us? “Because man is a social animal?” “Because we can’t be happy alone?” True. But we came into this world alone, we will leave it – alone.

Life, I won’t let you just pass me by. Oh no! This, I promise myself.


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