No Strings Attached

The sunlight streamed into the room. She stirred and opened her eyes. For a second, she couldn’t place where she was. Then she remembered. She looked over to her right, a slight smile on her lips as she remembered the previous night.


“ Are you sure? ” Those were the first words that he uttered as he entered the hotel room.

She walked up to him, a coy smile on her face. “No. But who cares?”

He smiled back. “Okay.”

She smiled in anticipation and took his hand in hers. He leaned in to kiss her. His lips were firm, gentle, demanding. She sighed deeply, her body molding against his. He moaned a little and lifted her up in his arms. She laughed and then gasped as he pushed her against the wall, his mouth on her neck, her collar-bone, his hands moving down her body.

They kissed passionately. She unzipped his trousers and wriggled out of her dress. She had nothing else on.

She knew he was looking at her. She stole a discreet look, her heart fluttered a little. His eyes…they were so expressionless. She looked at the tell – tale signs of a hard – on and smiled.

“ You look good.” His voice was a little hoarse as he ran his fingers down her arm. He removed his T- shirt and tossed it aside. They kissed again.

“ I love this!” He murmured, as his hands fondled her breasts. He pushed her down on the bed. They both grinned.


Her alarm bell went off.

Shit shit shit. She hissed and switched it off.

She looked at him. He was still asleep. Good. She could now stare at him to her heart’s content. He was so handsome.

No! It’s over. This is just a booty call! She told herself firmly and then sighed. She turned over and closed her eyes.


He woke up all of a sudden.

“What the hell!” It was 10 AM. He was late….oh wait. It was his day off. With her.

She was sleeping soundly, a serene smile on her face. He moved closer, and put his arm around her. He felt her stir.

“ Good morning.”

She turned her face around as he gently kissed her.

” Ew my mouth stinks!” she protested.

“ I don’t care.” He kissed her again, and again. God, how he wanted her.

They did it again. Twice.


“ So….I guess I’ll see you around.”

He was at the taxi stand, shuffling his feet awkwardly.

“ Yep. Till the next time.” She smiled a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

He looked at her searchingly, but she gave no sign of being emotional. She got into the taxi and waved goodbye.


She sighed. If it was all about no strings attached, then why did she feel like stopping the cab and running into his arms. He didn’t care anyway.


He watched her cab drive away.

He suddenly felt a little depressed. But this was how it would be. He knew she didn’t care.


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