I opened my eyes.

Ribbit. Rrrrrrribt. Rrrrrrrrrriibittt.

I looked around my room. A frog on the first floor? Seriously?

That was so…..awesome.

Haha. Did i just say awesome? Yes, I did. I think frogs are funny. I used to play with them when I was a child. Sometimes I used to chuck one down the shirts of my class mates. Or keep them in the kitchen where the maid would see them and yelp. Ah, I was a bit of a naughty kid.


” You stupid thing,” I muttered as i looked around my room,” Where are you?”

” Rrrribit. I am here, you nerdy human. Put on your glasses.”

I blinked. Did the frog just speak to me?

” Well, put them on! Ribbbittttt!”

So I did. Maybe I was dreaming. Or maybe, I was actually, truly…crazy.

I saw them then, a teeny green thing, croaking away in the corner of my room. I sat down in front of him.

” Yeah well, what’s up frog?”

” Call me Tom.”

” Tom.” I laughed to myself. Even while I was dreaming, I could not come up with something better than Tom?

” Ok Tom….how can i be of service?”

Tom cleared his throat. ” Well, I have been sent by the society of frogs to advise you.”

” Erm….society of what?” I snickered.

Tom ignored me. ” Yes, we at the society of frogs have had enough of you.”

I stared at him,” Come again?”

Tom sighed,” Let me explain. I am from the society of frogs. We exist in an alternate dimension. Every time someone makes a huge mistake like…falling for the wrong person or hurting someone or not doing the right thing at the right time, a new frog is born. Usually, when the number of frogs for one person is one too many,we send the frog who was the biggest mistake made by that person to talk to him/her. Creates an imbalance in the eco – system, you see! Not enough food, too many frogs etc. etc.”

I stared at Tom. Wow. My imagination truly did suck.

Tom stared back at me.

” I am your worst mistake little one. Do you recognize me?”

I looked at Tom and sighed. Oh great, maybe this was my subconscious telling me to get my act right.

” Yes, Tom. I do.” I was suddenly quiet. My biggest mistake. I was still not able to come to terms with it.

” Good.” Tom moved a little closer to me. ” So as counsel for the clan which is made up of your mistakes, we request you not to make any more.”

I nodded, a bit uncomfortable.

” And though our universe exists on you humans making stupid mistakes, we are now on the verge of a population explosion. So I have been told to tell you,” He cleared his throat and took out a scroll,” That you deserve to be happy, that you shall be happy and that you should not let anyone treat you with disrespect. Because when you do that, you make a mistake. You are responsible for your fate, you can have anything you want, be anyone you want to be. Just believe in yourself and work towards it. With many ribbits, the clan of Shireen’s mistakes.”

I scratched my head,”Okay! Okay…I get it, I won’t be stupid anymore.”

Tom nodded his ugly head,” I’m glad to hear it, but I’ll believe it when the number of mistakes don’t multiply. The tadpoles are quite a handful and have been multiplying at a huge speed.”

He held out one of his frog hands which I shook with my finger and vanished with a poof.

I kept on staring at the wall.

Okay then. I took a sip of water from my bottle. Here’s to no more mistakes!


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