There are some things which just piss me off. It is like…I’m in a happy mood one second and then boom, I’ll be rolling my eyes all over. This applies to anyone/everyone. So.  Hence.  Therefore. Please :

–  Do not use a fake accent in front of me

–  Do not tell me that I look like an actress(ho ho ho). Yes, I am apparently the doppleganger of the evil girl from the Hindi movie “Bodyguard” but please, do not tell me this

–  Just because I have a Muslim name do not ask me “Are you Mohamadden?”

–  Just because I am a Sikh don’t act surprised that I have cut my hair

–  Do not assume that I will be in love with North India because I am a North Indian

–  Do not expect me to shriek when you throw a poor imitation of a rubber mouse on my desk

–  Do not expect me to be impressed because you are from New York

–  Do not expect me to be impressed because you are from Canada

–  Do not expect me to be impressed because you are filthy rich

–  Do not expect me to smile when you are using a lot of foul language

–  Do not expect me to agree to be a passive smoker

–  Don’t try to explain what offside means

–  Don’t try to toss your hair around to attract attention. You’ll just make a mess of the one hour you spend in trying to get it right

–  Do not laugh like a hysterical hyena

–  Do not fart/burp in my presence if you aren’t family/a close friend. And if you are a girl..well……… excuse me, do I know you?

–  Do not give me the once over at a client meeting. I am always going to be better dressed than you.

–  Do not ask me how much I earn

–  Do not assume just because I love Japan that I will find every Japanese man attractive (WTH)

–  Do not argue with me over facts related to my favorite tv shows and movies

–  Do not tell me that anime series are like cartoons (very important if you want to score brownie points with me)

–  Do not tell me that your ex – gf was a psycho (she is an ex, let bygones be bygones…and why did you date a psycho in the first place?)

–  Do not say you hate animals…really…what… is that even possible

Phew! I am too sleepy and cranky to add more -_-/

Do you have any list of Do – Not’s? Love to hear some views! J


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