Definitely worth a read. Beautifully written.

Master Of Disaster

Every once in a while
Comes a time
When two pairs of eyes meet
With gazes locked and loaded
And each pair sees their world
In the mirror that is the other pair

Every once in a while
Comes a time
When distance doesn’t matter
When two hearts speak
And the silence is pierced
By two harmonious heartbeats

And the feel of their breath
On your skin so tantalizing
That you can only find forever
In the comfort of their arms

So often we say
That fairy tales are hokum
Or that it happens only in movies;
That a true happy ending
Is always elusive
Even to those who seek it dearly

But then why does it happen
That every once in a while
The heart stops just for a moment;
The mind spins ever so slightly
And the sudden rush of blood
Makes you feel like you’re falling

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