The right time

Celese bit her lip. There was no one else around.

She took a deep breath.

Run. Run for your life and don’t look back!

She tried to block out the thoughts in head head but it wasn’t of any use. Breathe in…and out….in….and out.


She gathered her wedding gown in her hands and opened the window of the room. 

She ran away.


It was over a year. He had finally managed to find out where she was.

He parked his car a block away and started walking.

A minute later, he was standing in front of her house. It was a tiny place. But well kept. There was a little garden with a fountain. She had planted sweet-peas on the fence. Sweet-peas. That was her all right.

He took a deep breath and pressed the door bell.


“Just tell me why?” 

She opened the door to that question.

” Its you. Come in.” She did not look surprised. Or sad. Or guilty. She looked…happy.

He walked inside and sat down on a couch. The room was small and tastefully done up.

” Coffee?”

” Sure…” He cleared his throat. He’d intended to shout at her, ask her why she’d left him standing at the altar. But he saw her and all his anger went away.

She walked to the kitchen. He looked around the house…there were no pictures of the two of them. Well…maybe it was too much to ask but he had to know.

A minute later she handed him a cup and sat down on a chair facing him.

” I’m sorry Ali.” She said quietly.

He scowled…startled and angry.

” Sorry isn’t enough. You broke my heart! You broke it! You…” He looked away…

She put the cup of coffee down and sat down next to him.

” Look at me.”

He looked into her blue eyes. They were serious.

” I wasn’t ready to get married. I really wasn’t….I thought i loved you…but…” her voice trailed away.

” But? You didn’t? ” He was angry, bitter.

” I did…I do. But I realized…that I did not love you enough to marry you. Is that terrible? Am i wrong? But I knew if I married you then I would regret it. Something just changed in me…I don’t know what…or why but it did and…I knew that I had to go away. It wasn’t the right time.”

Ali stood up. He was having difficulty in breathing.

” Wasn’t the right time? Wasn’t…..” He took a deep breath and put the cup of coffee aside, ” I think I have heard enough. I should never have come here.” 

” Ali! Wait!” She took his hand in hers but he withdrew it and walked outside.


She watched him drive away, tears brimming in her eyes.

She knew she was the bad one. The one who had ended it. The one who had abandoned him. But she couldn’t help it.

He was everything that a man should be. He was dependable, rich, good – looking and caring.

But in the end, he still wasn’t right for her. She walked to the garden and lay down on the grass. She was not sorry. Sometimes, everything depended on the right time. The right person. She wasn’t ready then.

She was now. But he wasn’t the one. She wanted someone she could see her soul – mate in. Maybe it was foolishness. But she was not going to settle for less.




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