M is for Monsoon

A close friend of mine said that this season is the perfect season for romance. I wonder, is she correct?

This season can bring forth a wide range of emotions in a person. Especially a Mumbaikar. Oh yes, two years here have taught me how to:

– Beg auto rickshaw drivers to take me to office…which typically ends with me pointing towards a fictitious ankle swelling, puppy dog eyes and 20 extra bucks! :( Result : Better negotiating skills.

– You always need to be prepared with an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella, stuff to protect your laptop with (in case of a downpour),hand-sanitizer, a rain coat if necessary…altogether in Mad Eye Moody’s words: Constant Vigilance!

– Plan all my work and meetings in advance to beat rush hour traffic. Or make the best of a traffic jam by calling up old friends and catching up with them. Hence: Multi – tasking and efficiency!

– Make yourself a hot cup of tea and open the windows while its raining. Eat some unhealthy, fried stuff in some shady shop in a shady lane when you are on your way home. Go for a walk in the evening when there is a slight drizzle…maybe with a special someone to quench that longing that the rains bring with them. Yes, your umbrella is open and maybe you can share a romantic kiss in the rain, maybe you’d get a little wet in the rain…but its still very, very pleasant. Hence: Enjoy the little things in life.

I love this season…..it has more cons than pros…but i love it nevertheless.


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