Unloved – Part I

Celine wiped the sweat off her forehead.

” There…there…” she cooed, holding a crying infant in her hands. The baby howled even more.

” Here…let me…” Maria, a fellow aid – worker took the baby from her arms. Celine let out a sigh of relief.

She stepped over the debris of what was once an old building. There was no way it could have withstood the earthquake. That too of a scale of 8.5.

She walked over to the jeep and rummaged in her bag-pack for her cigarettes.

” You are not going to find them!”

She turned around to see Alan, holding them in his hands.

” Gimme that!” She reached out for them, but he was too tall.

Alan smiled. He loved teasing her. She was always so serious. So worked up. So intense. So hot. He liked to rile her up. She looked even hotter then.

Celine scowled at him and then shrugged,” Whatever dude. I’ll ask Rafael for some more.”

Alan’s smile disappeared all of a sudden as she walked away.

” Wait! Hey I was just kidding Celine…”

Celine ignored him and walked towards the make – shift shelter that the Red Cross had set up. Stupid kid. He had a huge crush on her, so huge that it was almost pathetic.


Rafael was sitting reclined on a chair, his feet propped up on an old mahogany desk.

” And how may I be of service mademoiselle?” He smiled his slow, lazy smile.

Celine sat on the desk and smiled down at him. She had to admit it. He was sexy.

” Tough day? ” He handed his smoke to her.

She took a drag and then sighed. ” Yes. Sometimes I wonder, how can there be so much of pain…so much of devastation in this world? And this wasn’t even man made.”

He nodded his head. The earthquake was one of the worst ones that he had seen in many years.In a career, if you could call it that; spanning over twenty years he had seen it all. He had seen people come and volunteer for the Red Cross. But only a few stuck on. The rest left. Maybe because it was too much for them to take. Maybe because it was dangerous as well. Just over a year ago, he was working in Israel when he’d been injured when a bomb exploded right outside the Red Cross office. It was a warning. All foreigners had to leave. That’s when he had met Celine. She was a nurse. And a damn good one as well.

Rafael wasn’t a romantic fool. No. His wife had died when he was twenty five. He’d left his job, joined this place and had never looked back since then. Celine….no one really knew why she was here or for how long she intended to stay. Not that he minded. His eyes strayed to her neck, two of her buttons were unbuttoned and he could see the swell of her breasts.

Perhaps she sensed he was looking at her. She shot him a look of contempt and walked away.


Back in her quarters, she undressed and lay down on her bed. She was so tired that she fell asleep immediately.


” No…no….no….” she woke up with a scream.

Again. The nightmare had returned.


” You ok? ” Rafael commented over coffee the next morning.

” Yes, I’m fine.” She snapped at him.

He blinked. She looked tense.

” Hey…” He touched her on the arm ,” Its me Celine. There’s nothing to hide.”

Celine looked into the eyes of her former lover and sighed, ” Bad dreams.” She looked away.

Rafael knew better than to talk to her then.


She woke up again that night. This would not do. She was not getting any sleep at night and she was working too hard everyday. Today, she had lost count of the number of people that she had treated.

She put on an overcoat and walked to Rafael’s door.


He had been expecting her. Celine had a pattern. She’d try to be virtuous and ignore him. But every now and then, she’d show up at his doorstep. Sometimes they made love, sometimes she just slept next to him, sometimes she wouldn’t sleep at all. He couldn’t figure her out. She had her demons to fight. He was willing to wait.


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