Love is

Love. For me…it means a lot of things…different things for different people I guess. For me…it’s a mixture of loads of stuff…some of which I’ve written about…some which I haven’t because I guess I don’t know everything about love yet.

It means happiness.

A happy glow, sparkling eyes.


Peace. No insomnia. (At least for me!)

Patience. Getting to know each other.

Impulsiveness. Occasionally behaving like a fool and doing random things in the spur of the moment.

Desire. A longing to be with him. As often as possible. (Yes and to give him some space…puhleese :P i know, i know all the issues with ‘space’). -_-

Long walks…to anywhere and everywhere.

Long conversations about random stuff…and about life. Finding a connection while those conversations are going on. Finishing each other’s sentences. Feeling excited, energized, alive.

Gooseflesh when we touch.

Erratic heart beats when we look into each other’s eyes. Oh yes, too much eye contact can be dangerous.

Having each other’s backs no matter what.

Lounging around in his t-shirt when he is not around.

Candles, flowers, chocolates, wine,music…anything or everything.




Long – phone calls. Silence during those calls which is not awkward, it’s cool.

Bike rides.

Weekend – getaways.

Experiencing new things together. Like dance classes? Adventure sports? I don’t know! ( Honestly I don’t because I haven’t done any of those yet either :( )

Late – night movies. Preferably corner seats?

Walks on the beach. Moon – light. Perhaps more.

Standing outside his building at 4AM just because you want to see him. Now. (Okay THAT i haven’t done till now :D).

Getting drunk and making out. Well, that is fun of a different kind altogether :D.

Feeling happy for his success and being there for him when things are not so good.

Long, lingering kisses, that you can never get enough of.

Doing stuff which i don’t like for him, because you like him enough not to care about anything else. Like being nice to his stupid friends or the friend who is a girl who secretly likes him and you know but you put up with it for his sake.

Compromising sometimes. Yes, because you love him.

Accepting him for what he is. And loving him more for his quirky side.

And finally, waking up to him and letting him see you without your make – up and with bad breath. And if he still kisses you and thinks you are beautiful, well; what else do you want? :D


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