First Date

Just a small story about a boy asking someone out for the first time and what could possibly be going through his head?


I watched her, sitting under the Mango tree, a book in her hands; oblivious to the world around her.

Oblivious to me.

I first saw her when I was on my way to football practice a month ago. I don’t know what it was about her that caught my eye. The long hair? The flower tucked behind her ear? Her eyes…they were a deep black…..almost hypnotic.How did I know they were black? Because I walked right past her and well…glanced at her. Of course, she never, not even once looked up. She was always reading something, or scribbling something in a notebook.

I knew where she stayed, just a block behind mine. No, I did not follow her! My mate, Jeriah knows her friend Casey..oh well it’s a long story but…damn, I’m hypnotized.

So there she is again. It has been exactly one week since the idea of asking her out on a date struck me. Well, why not?

I thought about this a dozen times, till the very thought of asking her out scared the shit out of me. Hell, everyone thinks I am this cool jock who has all the cheerleaders running after him but the fact is, I think they are dumb. Now HER. She’s not. I just found out that her name is Tia. Short and sweet. Tia. She is an exchange student from Spain. And very smart, since she is here on a scholarship.

” Hi Tia,” I look at myself in the mirror,” I was uh…I was uh wondering if you’d…I was…”

I scowl. Great, I can’t ask out my own reflection. How am I supposed to ask her out?

The next day I wear this cool red T-shirt. My mom says I look good in it, so I guess I do. As I walk across the park towards her, I see her sitting there, under the tree. She’s wearing something in white…like a long white dress and I must admit, she looks smashing.

I stop in my tracks, to admire her beauty and to calm my nerves.

For some reason, she looks up. For the first time, she looks up.

Straight at me. I freeze.

She looks surprised. We continue staring at each other till she blushes and looks away, a little confused.

I take a deep breath and start walking towards her. When I’m a few feet away I call out to her.

” Hey there!”

” Hello!” She looks up, a small smile playing around the corner of her lips.

” Um…I …I was wondering if..if you’d like to have a cup of coffee with me?” The words spill out of my mouth and I feel my ears grow red.

” Oh.” She looks confused and then she smiles. She extends a hand, I pull her to her feet.

” I’m Tia.” She smiles. I think I’m in love.

” I’m Roger.”


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