Before I come undone

When I look in his eyes,

I can’t find what i search for,

They are a dark abyss,

I wonder,what do they yearn for?

No life, no light,

No shine, no spark,

So cloudy, so stormy,

So black and dark.

Part of him repels me,

I shiver with the cold,

And yet he compels me,

To say what should remain untold.

What am I to him?

He loves me not one bit,

He’s like a bad habit,

That I just can’t quit.

His touch is not gentle,

His kisses are not sweet,

And as he slowly intoxicates me,

I know I should retreat.

I try to resist,

I try to run,

I know I should leave,

Before I come undone.

Summer Love

She is my favorite poet on wordpress.

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...


Softer than an infant’s cheek,

gentler than a summer rain,

more graceful than a woodland creek,

more mystery than curving lane,

your steadfast love entreats and charms,

pursues my heart with winsome ways;

my heart, a rosebud in your arms,

blushes beauty at your gaze.

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