I’m ‘da’ Troll

Anime Communities/Pages.

You gotta love them. It is amazing how normal, sane people (no, I am not talking about myself…puhlease) can behave like 3 year old kids. Haha sometimes I really like to argue because people get so worked up about these things and take them personally.

Just the other day I was posting a comment on one of the Naruto Pages on good old Fakebook about this character called Sakura. I don’t like her. So sue me. It is a free world, right?

The comments were mostly like:

Funny guy1: “Sakura sucks.”

Angry guy1: “Lol…how can you say that? She is the strongest girl in the entire series.”

Me:” I second Funny guy1, she sucks to the core.”

Angry Guy 2:” Haters will be haters, she is so gifted why can’t you see that?”

Angry Guy 3:” East or West, Sakura is the best!”

Me: “ Except in north or south, where she is not. Hahahaha.”

Funny Guy 1 & 2: Lol

Angry Guy1: f off!

Me:YOU f off

Fakebook Sakura Page Admin: Profanity is not tolerated on this page and both of you have been removed and you will no longer be allowed to access this page.

Me: Oops.

Oh well. On to the next page…what should it be? Football? XD

Disclaimer: I don’t like arguing with people close to me though. That just annoys the hell out of me!


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