Far & Beyond: Part 1

I can see ghosts.

Oh yes, I can see them everywhere. Every god damn place. Some of them are so old, that I really feel like saying,”Countess Elena, you really should cross over. Like really.”

But I don’t. I pretend that I don’t see them. I mean, I don’t want to be a freak, all right?

Not that they don’t know that I can’t see them. Once in a while one of them picks up on the fact that I am a medium and then they stick on to me like leeches. That’s when I try to talk to them to move on.

Moving on isn’t easy though. I’m telling you, its not. There’s no golden light that they magically fly into. That’s just bullshit that the movie makers love.

No. Moving on is not easy at all. I am one of the few mediums who knows how to help them. But I’m telling you I’m not interested. Because it’s not really an occupation that pays the bills you know? Nope. What pays the bills is my job at the Bluetown Cafe. I’m the assistant manager. It’s not much, but it’s enough to pay for my one room apartment at the moment.

But why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because there is this one particular ghost who has decided that I am her salvation. She wants me to help her. And with the university final exams looming over my head, I have other things to worry about.

But she is really getting on my nerves. Countess Elena.

She’s quite a pretty woman, with her beautiful clothes and carefully made – up face and lace gloves. Lace gloves…damn that’s something you don’t see much these days. I, in my one piece jumpsuit feel quite shabby to be frank. The tattoos don’t help either.

” Oh but you must, you must help me Liz!”

Liz. She has the gall to call me that, like we are friends or something.

I turn the page of my history book, pretending not to listen to her.

She decides to sit on my desk, facing me; pouting. I ignore her.

” Liz, please….I need you to listen to me just once.”

” Leave me alone,” I snap at her,” Can’t you see I am busy?”

She looks affronted. Oh miss high-and-mighty doesn’t like people talking back to her, does she?

” You must help me…and Antonio.” She gives a little sob.

I stare at my book like its really interesting. Great. A tragic couple from far beyond. As if one wasn’t enough!

She decides to give up and gives a despairing look. There’s silence and I look up. She’s gone away, for now. But I know she will be back.

I yawn and decide to turn in for the night. I’m just in the process of climbing into my bed when I sense another presence.

” Countess Elena, I told you..” I moan as I turn around.

” It is not the countess but I, her brother.” A deep voice cuts me short.

My jaw drops open. A gorgeous man from the eighteenth..er…seventeenth…er…well whatever century is in my bedroom! I run my hands through my hair, suddenly conscious.

“Erm.” I say. Erm. Wow. Good going Liz.

” I’m Antonio Benivieni and I need your help. On no account must you allow my sister to move on.”

I scowl. Ok, who does he think he is to order me around?

He moves closer and sits on my bed. And then he lifts my chin with his right hand. I almost faint with the shock. How in the world…this is the first time a ghost has made solid contact with me. Otherwise they just pass right through.

With the other hand he pushes back my hair. Still in shock, I don’t realize when he leans in to kiss me.I don’t know why, but I like it.

He smiles. ” It has been a long time, Elizabeth.”