Lucky Charm

Have you ever been a bit superstitious when it comes to luck?

I know some people who are. Like one of my friends get’s really scared when she sees a black cat. Haha…when she reads this I’m sure she will give me a call and chastise me but then…there you are. There are some people who have a lucky dress. I know of a friend who had a pair of lucky ‘shoes’ (haha well…whatever works).

I do believe in luck.

And I do believe in lucky charms.

For me…at the moment I have three lucky charms.

One is my kada…a bangle made of steel, which is something which all Sikhs wear. Whenever I feel someone has given me the evil eye I tell myself that my Kada will protect me. It’s more like reassuring myself rather than anything else. But my faith in God has helped me many times.

The next…an old navratan ring which was given to me by my maternal grandmother. The word navratan means nine jewels. I have a matching set or ear-rings as well but I am more fond of the ring. I try to wear it all the time.


The last…is a pair of crystal ear-rings that my mother gifted to me when I got my first job. Whenever I have an important meeting…or some other special occasion when I need luck on my side, I wear them. And they have never been unlucky for me!


So there you are.

What’s your lucky charm?

P.S. Special thanks to my room-mate for being the hand-model :).


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