Resolutions for the remaining part of 2013

Resolutions are a good thing. Even if they are made at the end of the year,right?

A close friend of mine and I have decided to practice non – attachment to things and most importantly – people. What people do or say should not affect our inner peace. Let’s see if this can actually happen.

I am quite a sensitive person and get hurt easily. Maybe this will toughen me up? I hope so. When you are the type who does a lot for other’s, you tend to expect a lot back in return. Which rarely happens. And that causes pain. It is this pain which I wish to avoid. Just because you care about someone doesn’t mean they will treat you the same way. That’s the way life is. Move on, breathe, let go.

Or the way I react to how people treat me. For example, a couple of friends were making fun of the kind of stuff I write on my blog. It’s too ‘romantic’ or am I always ‘horny’? Well, to those people all I would say is – no one is forcing you to read what I write, unsubscribe if you want. I was angry initially. But now I am learning to detach myself from reacting to what people say.

Secondly, to do more acts of kindness. Yes, it gives me a high!

Let’s see if I can follow through for the rest of the year.

Peace out!

Non – Attachment

” Love without attachment is light.”
– Norman O. Brown


Taken: Part 2

For those who have not read part 1.


Jordan rubbed his eyes. It was morning. Early morning, judging from the sky.

Someone had put a blanket on him when he was sleeping. He hoped it was her. In fact, he was certain it was her. He smiled and then frowned. This wasn’t correct. He got up and took a deep breath.

No, it wasn’t correct. He was seeing someone. Someone who he apparently loved, with whom he was happy. He put on his shoes and decided to leave early. Before everyone woke up. Before she woke up.


” Hey man, wake up!”

Ted, his colleague hit him lightly on the head with a file.

” What?” Jordan looked up at him,” I am awake!”

Ted rolled his eyes,” No, you were asleep. There’s some drool also…late night?”

Jordan smiled,”Yeah…kind of!”

Ted grinned,” Ok – I’ll see you soon!”

Jordan waved at him…he bit him lip and then opened his web browser.

“S-I-M-O-N-E C-O-O-P-E-R”. He pressed enter. There she was. Third from the top. Gorgeous to the T, but there was something else. He’d never felt like this before. He felt like he needed to get to know her better.

” Add Friend.” He muttered to himself and clicked on the button.


There was no response from her the whole day. Or the next. Or the day after.

And then she accepted it. He was a nervous wreck. What was wrong with him? He’d never been the type of guy to sit by his phone, waiting for it to ping.

She was online.

“Hey, you online?” He cursed himself. What an intelligent way to start a conversation, she obviously was online.

“Hey…how are you?”

” Good…just tired. Hungover.”

” Hehe. Same here.”

Jordan smiled to himself. She said ‘hehe’. That was good, right?


The chatting became a regular thing. They were talking all the time, always as friends, always very careful not to cross the line. But a line was being crossed. She was the only thing he thought of.

And then they started meeting. For coffee. For lunch. For small breaks between work, whenever he was free. He couldn’t get enough of her.

He was sitting at home when his girlfriend called. He didn’t pick up. But he knew it was time. To do the right thing.

” Hey Lisa, sorry I haven’t returned your call…I have been busy…we need to talk…will call you soon.”

He ran a hand through his hair. He knew he was being a bastard. But he was stuck. He was in love. And he couldn’t help it. What do you do when you find the love of your life and you are with someone else? Do you make her yours and never let her go? Or do you let her go, do the honorable thing and be faithful to your partner?

He couldn’t be honorable. He was only human, after all. He grabbed his keys and walked out of his house.

It was late, but he had to do it. He parked outside her house, she was home since the lights were on. He pressed the doorbell. She opened the door.

” Jordan!” She exclaimed and then she smiled.

He stepped inside, without asking for her permission and kissed her full on the mouth, kicking the door shut with the back of his foot.

Taken: Part 1

Simone was sitting on a black leather couch, all gussied up, hair perfectly in place; watching one of her friends lamely try to flirt with a girl she didn’t know.

” I would have hooked you up with Jordan,” Her friend Kate had teased,” But he’s taken.”

Simone had paid little attention to the remark, brushing it off as one of her friends many useless remarks.

Till she saw him at the party.

She saw him and she knew wanted him. The moment their eyes met, she knew that he knew. There was a spark. A spark so strong that it scared her. 

She kept on sitting on the couch, not looking in his direction; trying to make small talk with another guy she didn’t know. She’d even forgotten his name, she had been too distracted NOT to look at Jordan. She could sense that he was looking at her, she knew he was looking at her.

What the hell was wrong with her? Maybe she was just horny. 

Their eyes met again. Again that jolt of electricity. Or maybe it was more.

The evening passed away slowly. An hour later, all of them were tipsy. Kate was giggling till her face became pink. Simone smothered an indulgent smile. She made a cute drunk. She looked at her last drink and then shook her head. She wasn’t going to drink that. She headed towards the kitchen.

She was draining her wine when walked into the kitchen.

” Cheating, are we?” He smiled a mischievous grin at her.

She smiled back,” I never cheat.”

He stared at her and then laughed, understanding her hidden meaning. They stood like that for a while; she – holding the empty glass in her hands; he – looking at her, lazily leaning against the kitchen counter. 

The sound of loud laughter broke the spell. Both of them headed out again, towards the pool. 

She sat down on one of the cane chairs and closed her eyes. 

When she opened them, the party was over. She yawned and reached out for her phone. It was 4 AM. She took off her heels and started walking towards the house. And that’s when she saw him. He was sleeping on a make – shift sofa of cushions and an old rug. She smiled. 

She walked inside, to Simone’s guestroom and took out an old bed – sheet. She gently spread it over him. He was snoring softly. She hesitated, and then gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.

Sighing, she made her way upstairs and crept into one of the guestroom’s which were unoccupied. It was too bad he was taken.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

There’s a limit to your love: James Blake

This song is the sole property of James Blake.

I love the way he sings it.

On the Edge: Today’s Daily Prompt

We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

It’s my blog, anime and my books! I recently shifted into a new house, so my books aren’t as neatly stacked as i would like them to be…nevertheless! Life can’t be all about work all the time. Give me a book to read and I’m the happiest person alive.


Love-letters for myself

The wind outside is calling,

Its whistling a gloomy tune ,

And i know you aren’t here for long,

Yes, you’ll be leaving soon.

Off to someplace new,

You’ll fall in love with someone else,

Leaving me all alone,

To write love – letters to myself.

I joke that I’m a strong girl,

But I drew my strength from you,

And now that I’ve been abandoned,

I just don’t know what to do.

So I pick up this pen and start writing,

Till my fingers start to ache,

A letter that says I’ll get better,

And that my heart won’t start to flake.

The Calling : The Sea

In Response to the weekly challenge I am posting a story…which I had written a couple of days ago…which would explain how I feel about the sea…of couse this is just a story but if I was in such a condition, i would do the same.

I thank my friend Danilo for letting me use this beautiful picture which he clicked.

I love the sea, the ocean.



She was sitting on a bright mat, her eyes closed, a straw hat covered half of her face from the sun.

There weren’t too many people around since it was a working day. She preferred it that way. Her alarm clock started ringing. She ignored it. She really couldn’t care about what time it was. Though it was the one luxury she could no longer afford.

The waves of the ocean, the sand beneath her feet, the bead of sweat that trickled down her forehead…everything would cease to exist soon.

She knew she should feel afraid. She used to. But now…she sighed, unconsciously tracing the line of a scar under her T- shirt. She’d fought a long, hard battle. But the cancer had won.

She opened her eyes and smiled. She had to admit, every time she came to this island, this island where she grew up, the beauty of the ocean never ceased to amaze her. She remembered the first time she had seen the ocean and walked on sand. There had been wonderment and joy and sheer amazement at how vast and endless the horizon was. Yes, she had spent some happy years here, growing up. And she had returned here, to die.

She was just thirty one.

Too young to die, they said.

But she’d made her peace with it and she was no longer afraid.

She yawned and closed her eyes, trying to avoid the pain every time she took a breath.

The other side was calling.

Kiss me good night

Kiss me good night,

By the river,

Where the fireflies dance,

And the wind makes me shiver.

So won’t you pull me close?

To keep me warm,

I’ll avert my eyes,

And calm my inner storm.

And we’ll stand like that for a while,

Our hearts beating as one,

And as dance of the fireflies comes to an end,

Something new between us would have begun.

So kiss me goodnight,

Like you never want to let go,

And I’ll give you all the love in the world,

And then a little more.