Upside Down

Darrel couldn’t understand what was happening. But she knew something was terribly wrong.

Her dad was pacing up and down the house, looking anxious.

” Papa!”

She walked up to her dad. “What’s wrong?”

He looked stressed and then sighed. He took one of her little hands in his and they walked to her parent’s bedroom. Her mom was sitting on the bed, looking a little pale.

” Mama!” Darrel stood at the entrance, confused.

Her father walked over to the bed and took her mother’s hand in his.

” Mama’s feeling a little unwell so we are going to take her to the hospital.”

Darrel’s eyes grew wide in alarm as she saw her mother try to smile. She had placed one hand on her heart.

” It is a bad palpitation attack.” Her father looked grim.

” Don’t worry baby, I’ll be fine.” Her mom smiled at her, but her eyes were frightened.


The next few hours flew by…Darrel had no idea what was happening. She was waiting in the hospital, outside the ICU and her father walked out. He looked weary, but relieved.

” Come on in…she is sleeping but she’s fine.”

Darrel walked to the hospital door and took in a sharp breath. Her mother was lying on a bed…with all sorts of tubes and machines around her. She looked really pale. Darrel felt tears well up in her eyes, why did this have to happen to her mom? The most beautiful, kind and loving person that she had ever come across?

She could feel her father’s hand on her head, patting it gently. She shook it off and ran away, crying incessantly.

So this is what it meant to have your world turn upside down. It was funny…she’d always taken for granted that her parents would be there for her and that they would take care of her…that her mother would be always around. No, this was new…this was a sign that nothing in life was permanent. And that certain things…certain people especially…should never be taken for granted.

That’s when she decided that she would never let anything ever happen to her family. Especially her mother.


I love my mother a lot. She is my life…she’s loving and caring and there is not even one speck of anything bad about her. She inspires me to be a better person.

That day was the worst day of my life. But it taught me to appreciate the better things in life.


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