The Calling : The Sea

In Response to the weekly challenge I am posting a story…which I had written a couple of days ago…which would explain how I feel about the sea…of couse this is just a story but if I was in such a condition, i would do the same.

I thank my friend Danilo for letting me use this beautiful picture which he clicked.

I love the sea, the ocean.



She was sitting on a bright mat, her eyes closed, a straw hat covered half of her face from the sun.

There weren’t too many people around since it was a working day. She preferred it that way. Her alarm clock started ringing. She ignored it. She really couldn’t care about what time it was. Though it was the one luxury she could no longer afford.

The waves of the ocean, the sand beneath her feet, the bead of sweat that trickled down her forehead…everything would cease to exist soon.

She knew she should feel afraid. She used to. But now…she sighed, unconsciously tracing the line of a scar under her T- shirt. She’d fought a long, hard battle. But the cancer had won.

She opened her eyes and smiled. She had to admit, every time she came to this island, this island where she grew up, the beauty of the ocean never ceased to amaze her. She remembered the first time she had seen the ocean and walked on sand. There had been wonderment and joy and sheer amazement at how vast and endless the horizon was. Yes, she had spent some happy years here, growing up. And she had returned here, to die.

She was just thirty one.

Too young to die, they said.

But she’d made her peace with it and she was no longer afraid.

She yawned and closed her eyes, trying to avoid the pain every time she took a breath.

The other side was calling.


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