Taken: Part 1

Simone was sitting on a black leather couch, all gussied up, hair perfectly in place; watching one of her friends lamely try to flirt with a girl she didn’t know.

” I would have hooked you up with Jordan,” Her friend Kate had teased,” But he’s taken.”

Simone had paid little attention to the remark, brushing it off as one of her friends many useless remarks.

Till she saw him at the party.

She saw him and she knew wanted him. The moment their eyes met, she knew that he knew. There was a spark. A spark so strong that it scared her. 

She kept on sitting on the couch, not looking in his direction; trying to make small talk with another guy she didn’t know. She’d even forgotten his name, she had been too distracted NOT to look at Jordan. She could sense that he was looking at her, she knew he was looking at her.

What the hell was wrong with her? Maybe she was just horny. 

Their eyes met again. Again that jolt of electricity. Or maybe it was more.

The evening passed away slowly. An hour later, all of them were tipsy. Kate was giggling till her face became pink. Simone smothered an indulgent smile. She made a cute drunk. She looked at her last drink and then shook her head. She wasn’t going to drink that. She headed towards the kitchen.

She was draining her wine when walked into the kitchen.

” Cheating, are we?” He smiled a mischievous grin at her.

She smiled back,” I never cheat.”

He stared at her and then laughed, understanding her hidden meaning. They stood like that for a while; she – holding the empty glass in her hands; he – looking at her, lazily leaning against the kitchen counter. 

The sound of loud laughter broke the spell. Both of them headed out again, towards the pool. 

She sat down on one of the cane chairs and closed her eyes. 

When she opened them, the party was over. She yawned and reached out for her phone. It was 4 AM. She took off her heels and started walking towards the house. And that’s when she saw him. He was sleeping on a make – shift sofa of cushions and an old rug. She smiled. 

She walked inside, to Simone’s guestroom and took out an old bed – sheet. She gently spread it over him. He was snoring softly. She hesitated, and then gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.

Sighing, she made her way upstairs and crept into one of the guestroom’s which were unoccupied. It was too bad he was taken.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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