Taken: Part 2

For those who have not read part 1.


Jordan rubbed his eyes. It was morning. Early morning, judging from the sky.

Someone had put a blanket on him when he was sleeping. He hoped it was her. In fact, he was certain it was her. He smiled and then frowned. This wasn’t correct. He got up and took a deep breath.

No, it wasn’t correct. He was seeing someone. Someone who he apparently loved, with whom he was happy. He put on his shoes and decided to leave early. Before everyone woke up. Before she woke up.


” Hey man, wake up!”

Ted, his colleague hit him lightly on the head with a file.

” What?” Jordan looked up at him,” I am awake!”

Ted rolled his eyes,” No, you were asleep. There’s some drool also…late night?”

Jordan smiled,”Yeah…kind of!”

Ted grinned,” Ok – I’ll see you soon!”

Jordan waved at him…he bit him lip and then opened his web browser.

“S-I-M-O-N-E C-O-O-P-E-R”. He pressed enter. There she was. Third from the top. Gorgeous to the T, but there was something else. He’d never felt like this before. He felt like he needed to get to know her better.

” Add Friend.” He muttered to himself and clicked on the button.


There was no response from her the whole day. Or the next. Or the day after.

And then she accepted it. He was a nervous wreck. What was wrong with him? He’d never been the type of guy to sit by his phone, waiting for it to ping.

She was online.

“Hey, you online?” He cursed himself. What an intelligent way to start a conversation, she obviously was online.

“Hey…how are you?”

” Good…just tired. Hungover.”

” Hehe. Same here.”

Jordan smiled to himself. She said ‘hehe’. That was good, right?


The chatting became a regular thing. They were talking all the time, always as friends, always very careful not to cross the line. But a line was being crossed. She was the only thing he thought of.

And then they started meeting. For coffee. For lunch. For small breaks between work, whenever he was free. He couldn’t get enough of her.

He was sitting at home when his girlfriend called. He didn’t pick up. But he knew it was time. To do the right thing.

” Hey Lisa, sorry I haven’t returned your call…I have been busy…we need to talk…will call you soon.”

He ran a hand through his hair. He knew he was being a bastard. But he was stuck. He was in love. And he couldn’t help it. What do you do when you find the love of your life and you are with someone else? Do you make her yours and never let her go? Or do you let her go, do the honorable thing and be faithful to your partner?

He couldn’t be honorable. He was only human, after all. He grabbed his keys and walked out of his house.

It was late, but he had to do it. He parked outside her house, she was home since the lights were on. He pressed the doorbell. She opened the door.

” Jordan!” She exclaimed and then she smiled.

He stepped inside, without asking for her permission and kissed her full on the mouth, kicking the door shut with the back of his foot.


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